Is Sam Smith Dating TayTay Starhz?

Amid the Oscars controversy last month it looks like Sam Smith has found the time to secure himself a new love, with it being reported that he has a brand new boyfriend.

An Oscar and a boyfriend in just a few weeks? Not too shabby.

The 23-year-old has been seen kissing bisexual TayTay Starhz, the frontman of Franklin Lane, and if that names sounds familiar it’s because TayTay first hit the headlines after he was photographed snogging married TV presenter, Zoe Ball, in London last year.

Cor, he certainly gets around.

A source explained to The Sun: “Sam is really into Tay and they have spent a lot of time together.

"They were in Freedom Bar in central London last weekend and couldn’t hide their attraction to one another from fellow clubbers.

"Sam kept cheekily grabbing Tay when he thought no one was looking and they even had a snog at the end of the night after ending up at club XXL until 5am.”

It has also been claimed that the two men were spotted “kissing in front of lots of people” when they got drinks together at a fancy London hotel.

Despite this loose-lipped insider, another source insisted to The Metro that the two were just good friends, adding: “Sam and Tay are just very good friends, that’s all. Sam and TayTay were out with a whole posse of people, including Sam’s band members. They were just having a fun night out.”

Hmm, we’ve definitely heard that one before…

As the old saying goes, watch this space.