Isla Traquair: ITV presenter ‘terrorised’ by ‘obsessed neighbour’

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Isla Traquair. (Solent)
Isla Traquair at Salisbury Magistrates Court. (Solent)

A former ITV news anchor wept as she told a court her “obsessed” next-door neighbour “terrorised” her so badly she had to move out of her home.

Isla Traquair, 42, said she suffered nightmares and panic attacks after 53-year-old Jonathan Barrett allegedly appeared at her conservatory window as she was about to undress.

The ex Channel 5 News presenter also accused her neighbour of climbing into her garden and entering her house to offer her a sandwich as soon as she had moved in.

Barrett, who lives in a one-bed semi-detached home next to Ms Traquair in the village of Kingsdown denies one charge of stalking at Salisbury Magistrates Court in Wiltshire.

Jonathan Barrett at court. (Solent)
Jonathan Barrett is accused of stalking. (Solent)

Magistrates heard Barrett “terrorised” her between March and September 2021.

Ms Traquair, originally from Aberdeen, became so fearful she spent thousands of pounds fortifying her home with fences and security cameras before eventually fleeing, the court heard.

She has not returned to her home in almost a year.

It was also alleged Barrett would stand outside and stare directly into the bedroom window of her 1700s country cottage.

Alicia Doble, prosecuting, said: "She is a journalist, a relatively well known journalist, and it seems when she moved in Mr Barrett took an interest in her and in her life."

Ms Traquair told the court: "It has affected every part of my life. I can't live in my home, I have had to stay with friends on their couches.

"There were periods of time I moved away and hoped the police would have another word with him.

"I have had nightmares, it's affected my relationships... When I was in the house I barely went out at all because I was scared I would see him.”

Isla Traquair at court. (Solent)
Isla Traquair at court. (Solent)

Ms Traquair bought the house in January 2021, as she wanted to move back to Britain from America to live closer to her mother who was ill, and then moved in in March that year.

She had a fence and security cameras put up after Barret allegedly “chainsawed” a bush in her garden.

But he kept "interrupting" and "intimidating" the workers putting them up by staring at them, the court heard.

In July, Ms Traquair claimed she even noticed Barrett following her in his van while driving home.

Barrett was arrested and released by police but three days later, security camera footage showed Barrett walking around the front of her home in his dressing gown and taking pictures, the court heard.

The "last straw" came last September when Ms Traquair said she heard “banging noises upstairs on the exterior wall” and decided to move out.

The trial continues.

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