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Tuesday, Feb 3 - The Islamic Finance Gateway (IFG) Briefing, published from Sunday to Thursday, carries the latest market-moving news and data for institutions offering Islamic financial services. You can view the full IFG briefin under IFG Briefings Subject. TOP STORIES Islamic finance looks to outgrow bad habits as it expands

After a year of landmark deals which are opening new markets for Islamic finance, the industry is under fresh pressure to address some of its shortcomings and prove that it is not just an imitation of conventional finance. - RTRS - Zawya Islamic New rules to align UAE insurers with European solvency requirements

The United Arab Emirates Insurance Authority has issued new rules for conventional and Islamic insurance (takaful) firms, clarifying policyholders' rights and setting investment limits for the sector, the regulator said on Monday. - RTRS Pakistan central bank warns Islamic banks to be more equitable

Pakistan's central bank governor has urged the country's Islamic banks to develop ways to reward their customers in line with a surge in the sector's profitability, or face regulatory action. - RTRS ------------------------------------------------------------ The Islamic Finance Briefings cover all the latest news, data, quotes and industry announcements you need. They also include Islamic Interbank Benchmark Rates, major FX and equity market movements and indicators for all sharia-compliant asset classes. To subscribe to the IFG Briefings use this link: To subscribe to the IFG Community, use this link: We value your feedback, contact us at (Prepared by Tina Kwan) A service of Thomson Reuters and Zawya Islamic Finance Gateway. The contents of this Briefing are independently compiled by the Thomson Reuters and Zawya Islamic Finance Gateway Service, a business of the Global Growth and Operations Division. While material is drawn from Reuters News and other sources, Reuters has not participated in the selection of these articles.