Islington: Police surrounded and attacked during arrest in north London

Francesca Gillett

Several police officers were surrounded and attacked by a group of people as they tried to detain a man in Islington.

Residents said the area was “like a war zone” on Thursday evening as scores of police back-up raced to the scene following reports officers had been assaulted.

Police cars were seen rushing through Upper Street and a helicopter reportedly circled overhead for more than an hour.

The Met told the Standard police had been called to Arbon Court in Linton Street at just after 7.30pm to reports of a disturbance at a house.

As officers tried to arrest a man they were surrounded by a group and attacked.

Witness James Watthey told the Standard: “It was pretty alarming. I was just trying to eat in the garden while watching the chopper circling overhead.

“I’m guessing there was some kind of pursuit from Upper Street towards Old Street as that’s where the sirens seemed to be heading.”

A helicopter was reportedly spotted circling between Essex Road and the canal and later on in the evening it was heard over Newington Green.

One photo posted on Twitter by Maria Petnga-Wallace said they saw more than 15 police officers, four cars, two police vans and two helicopters.

Katie Riches said online: “Police helicopter hovering low in Islington over Newington Green/Balls Pond Road for 20 minutes and now just circling, what’s going on?”

Harriet Fox said: “Is this really just one helicopter hovering above Islington?

“Sounds like a whole damn pack. What’s happening out there?”

Another social media user, Kirsty Smith, added: “What is going on in Islington now?? Helicopter going round for ages and sirens galore.”

Others commented on the noise, with Ben Fisher tweeting: “What’s going on in Islington? Two helicopters? I’m getting tired of the house shaking now.”

Police said further units were sent to the scene "to help control the disturbance" following the officers' calls for back-up.

Some officers were assaulted and a number of arrests have been made for public order offences and assault.

The spokesman added: "During the incident, some officers were assaulted although none were injured."

He said: "Six people were arrested, including the man police initially attended to arrest, for a variety of offences including public order and assault. They remain in custody."

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or tweet police via @MetCC. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.