Israel kills two Palestinians while blowing up homes of attackers in West Bank clashes

Israeli forces killed two Palestinians while they blew up the homes of militants who killed an officer in previous West Bank clashes. The security forces attacked the homes in the city of Jenin of Ahmed and Abdel-Rahman Abed, who carried out the Al-Jalama ambush operation last September, during which Israeli officer Major Bar Falah, 30, the deputy commander of the elite Nahal reconnaissance unit, was killed. Occupation forces reportedly evacuated people in the neighboring houses before detonating the explosives in the town of Kafr Dan. Clashes with Palestinians erupted. Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that Muhammad Hoshieh, 22, was killed after being hit in the chest by a bullet. Fouad Abed, 25, died after being shot in the abdomen and thigh. In an update, officials said three other citizens were also wounded, including a young man in critical condition. Palestinian resistance fighters responded by targeting Israeli occupation forces with gunfire as they stormed the village of Kafr Dan, west of Jenin.