Israelis run to air raid shelter as Palestinian rockets fly overhead

Dramatic footage shows residents in Israel running to an air raid shelter as sirens sound and rockets fly overhead. Onlooker Parinya Saechang recorded the terrifying scene in Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon (May 14). He said: "From the situation that arose in Israel, it’s still not calm now. There is also a counter-fire, both during the day and night. People wake up and run every time they hear the sirens." The decades-old Israel Palestine conflict erupted again this week. Thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel in recent days although almost all of them have been intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system. Israel has responded with a bombardment of Gaza from air and land, that has flattened a many buildings and killed at least 148 people, according to Palestinian officials. In Israel, ten people have been killed, authorities say.

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