Israeli company unveils next-gen EV platform

This is a rolling chassis for electric vehicles.

The skateboard-style platform can carry cars and vans of different weights and sizes on top of it.

Israel's REE Automotive unveiled three prototypes of the electric platform in September.

CEO and co-founder Daniel Barel says the company’s vision for the next ten years is for the platform to dominate our roads, and become the market-standard for the global auto industry.

"Basically we can put everything that we want or need on this platform. As you can see there are different kinds of shapes and sizes. We can put things from very small, autonomous vehicles to very large trucks like the one I'm sitting on now. It can be autonomous, it can be manually driven. It can be small or big, it can be used off road or on the road. Any kind of size, shape and kind - we can carry."

The platform, which also supports self-driving vehicles, integrates an electric motor, steering and braking components and a small computer into a "corner" located between the wheel and the chassis.

The company says this enables cheaper and easier maintenance, and quick over-the-air software updates.

Chief Marketing Officer Keren Shemesh said the company is targeting mobility-as-a-service applications including deliveries, shuttles and ride hailing.

"When you have social restrictions, people are actually moving to e-commerce, to online retails, so that e-commerce is booming. We are allowing delivery companies and online retailers to actually build their own vehicle on top of our platform."

REE which has raised $160 million from investors, according to Crunchbase, aims to have its platform in use in the fourth quarter of 2021.