An Israeli lawmaker is urging her government to use 'everything in its arsenal,' including 'doomsday' weapons, against Hamas

  • An Israeli lawmaker says Israel should use nuclear weapons against Hamas.

  • Revital "Tally" Gotliv wrote on X that she thinks it is time to fire "powerful missiles without limit."

  • Benjamin Netanyahu previously said Hamas "will pay a price it has never known before" for its attacks.

An Israeli lawmaker has urged her government to consider using nuclear weapons in their war against Hamas.

"Jericho missile! Jericho missile! A strategic alert, before we consider introducing our forces. A doomsday weapon!" Revital "Tally" Gotliv, a member of the Israeli parliament, wrote in a post on X on Monday. "This is my opinion. May God preserve all our strength."

Gotliv's post — which had been viewed over 2.1 million times at press time — referenced Israel's Jericho ballistic missiles. Israel's government has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of its nuclear arsenal.

The lawmaker said in a subsequent post on Tuesday that Israel needs to be merciless when dealing with the Palestinian militant group.

"Only an explosion that shakes the Middle East will restore this country's dignity, strength, and security! It's time to kiss doomsday," Gotliv wrote in her post on X.

"Shooting powerful missiles without limit. Not flattening a neighborhood. Crushing and flattening Gaza," she continued. "Otherwise, we would have done nothing. Not with passwords, with penetrating bombs. Without mercy! Without mercy!"

Gotliv's follow-up post received over 250,000 views as of press time. The post was, at press time, tagged with a disclaimer from X, stating that its visibility had been limited because it "may violate X's rules against Violent Speech."

Gotliv, who comes from the same political party as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has often courted controversy for her charged remarks.

In September, Gotliv said in an X post that an imprisoned Israeli army commander was "punished for being a hero" when he shot a Palestinian motorist.

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, firing thousands of rockets from Gaza. On Sunday, Israel declared a state of war, with officials saying their goal was to vanquish Hamas and take complete control of Gaza.

Netanyahu said on Saturday that Hamas "will pay a price it has never known before" for its attacks. And yesterday, the Israel Defense Forces launched over 200 airstrikes on Gaza.

Civilian deaths and injuries have been reported on both sides.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces said that at least 1,200 Israelis have been killed. The war has claimed at least 830 lives in Gaza, with thousands more injured, per the Gaza Ministry of Health.

Representatives for Israel's Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider sent outside regular business hours.

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