Italian Man Documents Experience With COVID-19 in Shanghai

An Italian man documented his twist-filled 12-hour journey on April 9 to a quarantine facility after testing positive for COVID-19 in Shanghai, China.

Alessandro Pavanello recorded this footage and originally posted it to his Instagram story. Pavanello began documenting his journey as soon as he tested positive on March 26. The footage shows his home being sprayed by Chinese workers on March 29, and on April 9 authorities can be seen picking him up from his apartment. People in hazmat suits escort him to a waiting van at 1:45 pm local time.

Footage shows Pavanello being taken to a quarantine facility, but he is turned away and ends up back on the bus. Pavanello says in the video he was told he was turned away because he did not speak Chinese and the “conditions inside [the facility] are very bad.” Pavanello is eventually dropped back off at his apartment, but is not let back inside. He says he was able to get help from the Italian consulate and was finally placed into a group quarantine facility at 2 am, after a 12-hour journey.

Pavanello continued to document his experience until he tested negative 6 days later.

Shanghai authorities reported three deaths on April 17, the first official COVID-19 deaths in the city from the latest outbreak. Credit: Alessandro Pavanello via Storyful

Video transcript


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