Italian Police Busts Chinese Mafia Gang

On Thursday, January 18, Italian police ordered the arrest of 33 persons suspected of involvement with a Chinese mafia group that controlled transportation of Chinese goods and also had a hand in gambling, prostitution and drug-running.

According to information released by Italian state police, the group used illegal profits to hold a monopoly on road transport of goods made in China. They were based in Prato with an operation that extended to Florence, Rome, Milan, Padua and Pisa, as well as across national borders. Arrest warrants were issued for several Italian cities, as well as in Madrid, Spain and in Neuss, Germany, AFP reported.

The alleged boss of the organization, Zhang Naizhong, was based in Rome and reportedly told his associates in France the following: “If you go with me, you will live. If you go against me, you will die.” Corriere Fiorentino reported that Zhang had been under investigation for about seven years.

This footage is described as showing the Italian police investigating and carrying out arrests in Prato. Credit: La Polizia di Stato via Storyful