'Italian Studies' sneak peek: Meet Simon

See 'Mission: Impossible' star Vanessa Kirby in her latest role

Video transcript

- Excuse me, miss, sorry to bother you. Um, would you like to buy any of these hot dogs?

- Mhm.

- No? OK, like, I'm not a hot dog enthusiast. I'm not out here trying to buy a billion hot dogs. There's a credit card minimum.

- No.

- Yeah, they wouldn't let me get just two. It's-- it's ridiculous.

- Sorry.

- Damn, you're killing me. OK, uh, how about we just go, I'll give you a hot dog for free. And at the end, you'll want to pay me because they're so savory.

- I-- I think I'm vegetarian.

- Oh, you are vegetarian?

- Yeah.

- Oh, damn. OK, that's pretty cool if you're vegetarian. I think I'm gluten intolerant. And I just come here. Like, I know I'm not supposed to eat the buns. But I eat the buns anyway. And they're too good. [SCOFFS] Yo, if you're vegetarian, why are you eating that papaya dog?

- Um, I just wanted to take a break. But don't tell them.

- I wont tell them. [SCOFFS]

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