Italian town lifts ban on tourists

Capri, the Italian island renowned for its stunning white villas and luxurious coastline, has welcomed back tourists after a temporary ban due to water supply issues was lifted.

The restriction was put in place early on Saturday, resulting in several ferries from Naples and Sorrento being turned away.

But by Saturday evening, the situation had taken a positive turn with Mayor Paolo Falco announcing that the ban was "revoked" following the resolution of a technical problem that had disrupted water delivery from the mainland.

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Initially, Mayor Falco had declared the ban as a necessary measure to tackle a "real emergency", pointing out that the island's tanks were "running out" of water.

He had expressed concerns that the water crisis would escalate with the daily influx of thousands of tourists to Capri.

While the ban was in effect, residents of Capri were not affected and could collect up to 25 litres of drinking water per household from a designated supply tanker.

Home to approximately 13,000 permanent inhabitants, Capri is a magnet for tourists, especially during the summer months when day-trippers flock to the island in the Bay of Naples.