Italians Sing Antifascist Anthem 'Bella Ciao' at Israeli Military Checkpoint in Hebron

A group of Italian visitors to Hebron, West Bank, sang the antifascist anthem “Bella Ciao” at an Israeli military checkpoint on April 18.

Well-known Palestinian human-rights activist Issa Amro said he was leading a delegation of Italian visitors to the West Bank. This footage shows them clapping and singing Bella Ciao after the members had been held up at the checkpoint.

“The soldiers saw us leaving the area so they stopped us and told us that we are not allowed to leave the checkpoint until we got a permit from the Israeli soldiers,” Amro told Storyful, adding, “usually we are allowed to leave without getting a permit from the soldiers.”

According to Amro, after 10 minutes of being held up at the checkpoint, the group broke out into song, which he believes made the soldiers allow the group to move on. “The soldiers asked them to stop singing,” he said.

Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Council have condemned Israeli military checkpoints for creating daily blocks and obstacles for Palestinians, including cases that have ended with pregnant Palestinian women forced to give birth at checkpoints. Credit: Issa Amro via Storyful