It's a White Christmas! £700,000 cocaine stash found in lorry hidden by Pepsi cans

A truck driver has since been arrested in connection with the huge haul (Picture: SWNS)

We’re all dreaming of a White Christmas, but perhaps not in this way.

Customs officers discovered a £700,000 cocaine stash hidden in a UK-bound lorry after it was concealed among cans of Pepsi.

Border Force officers unearthed the huge haul of the Class A drug after it was hidden among cans of drink in the back of a Bulgarian freight lorry.

The truck, which originally came from the Netherlands by ferry, was stopped at the Port of Dover, Kent, where officers discovered a whopping 17kg of cocaine.

The huge haul was unearthed at Dover docks (Picture: SWNS)

Commenting on the discovery, Paul Morgan, director for Border Force South East & Europe, said: ‘This is a significant seizure which has prevented a large quantity of dangerous substances reaching the UK’s streets.

‘As this case shows, our officers are on constant alert to stop drugs, weapons and other banned goods entering the country.

‘We work in partnership with the National Crime Agency to disrupt traffickers and prevent illegal drugs causing harm to communities.’

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The investigation was passed to the National Crime Agency after the drugs were seized on Friday December 9.

The driver of the lorry, a 40-year-old man with dual Macedonian/Bulgarian nationality, was arrested and subsequently released on bail pending further investigations.