It’s about to get even harder to win EuroMillions - and more expensive

The EuroMillions lottery is about to get even more expensive for Brits - and it’s going to be even more impossible to scoop the jackpot.

From this week the price of buying a ticket will increase by 50p to £2.50, while there will be an extra number added to the list players choose from.

This single number increase will decrease the odds of winning the jackpot from approximately one in 117 million to one in 140 million.

Despite the reduced odds the number of bigger prizes will increase, while the overall odds of winning any prizes will stay the same at 1 in 13.

Millionaires: Gillian and Adrian Bayford were one of the winners of the EuroMillions jackpot (Rex)

The price increase comes despite the fact that participation dropped by a staggering 40% the last time Camelot raised their prices for the National Lottery.

In October 2013, ticket prices for the weekly National Lottery draws increased from £1 to £2, with the operator saying at the time that it predicted that the amount of money that it passes on to good causes would increase as a result.

However, the move attracted widespread criticism from players, with the increase in playing the EuroMillions possibly following the same pattern.

Camelot raised the price of a EuroMillions ticket from £2 to £2.50 on Saturday September 24th, and the price rise applies for the first time for the draw that takes place on Tuesday September 27th.

Top pic: Camelot