ITV's A&E Live praised for raising "important" issues

Rianne Houghton

From Digital Spy

It might sound like a concept straight from the mind of Alan Partridge, but ITV's first episode of A&E Live was an eye-opening and inspiring watch.

As part of the channel's NHS Week – celebrating 70 years of the UK's National Health Service – viewers tuned in to A&E Live this evening (May 22), as Davina McCall led them through an hour in the busy accident and emergency department of Leeds General Infirmary.

The programme featured live updates from A&E as well as pre-recorded footage showing the incredible work of everyone from doctors and nurses to ambulance crews and call handlers.

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Unsurprisingly, people watching from home found A&E Live a fitting tribute to the NHS and its hard-working staff as it showed the realities of working in such an environment.

As well as praising the "amazing" and "awesome" staff at the hospital, viewers also applauded the show for highlighting just how busy A&E can be – and what is or isn't an emergency.