ITV BGT's Dec Donnelly leaves fans distracted with 'little face' as he intervenes for contestant

Robert Statham on Britains Got Talent
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Britain's Got Talent dazzled ITV viewers this weekend with the final auditions before the semi-finals, which are set to take place on bank holiday Monday. Derby's own Robert Statham, a 59 year old librarian, graced the stage on Saturday, May 25.

Backstage, he shared his passion for literature with presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly: "It's all about reading tonight and books, books is knowledge."

Upon facing the judges, Simon Cowell enquired, "Tell me something interesting about you," To which Robert replied, "Well, I love reading," and expressed his ambition: "I'm here tonight to hopefully win this, hopefully you take me to the Royal Variety."

With the judges uncertain of what to expect, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Bruno Tonioli, and Alesha Dixon were taken aback as Robert got the crowd going with an infectious rhythm. "It's a rap," declared Ant as the beat kicked in.

Robert's performance featured memorable lines like: "I'm checking out my books, I'm checking out my books, if you bring them back late you're going to get funny looks. Everyone's a bookworm, read a book a day, a novel, or a biography, but not 50 Shades of Grey.", reports Wales Online.

The catchy refrain, "Everybody in the house... sssssh. Everybody in the house, keep it down" had everyone from the audience to Amanda, Alesha, and Bruno joining in, although Simon hit the red buzzer, unimpressed by the literary-themed rap. Nonetheless, the other judges were entertained, with Amanda even rising to her feet for a standing ovation after Robert's climactic "book drop" at the end of his act.

"We weren't expecting that Robert, that's what I would call an acquired taste," Simon commented before adding, "Look, very nice to meet you but I'm going to say no."

Then Bruno addressed Robert: "I think you were very entertaining, you put across a message in a very good way. Ssssh they tell me that all the time, so I'm with you."

Alesha chimed in, stating: "I've never seen a book drop in my life. Do that again, drop the book."

Both Amanda and Bruno showed their approval to Robert, leaving Alesha in two minds.

"I quite enjoyed it but I don't know if I want to hear it again," she contemplated. In the deliberation process, Dec emerged from backstage, pleading with Alesha to give her nod of approval.

"Look at Dec's little face," Amanda chimed, with Alesha responding, "Don't do that Dec because when you do that you make me do things like this... okay yes."

Robert advanced to the next round of the competition with three affirmatives, as Simon announced to him: "Amazingly you're through to the next round."

One viewer posted on social platform X in response to the home viewing experience by stating: 'Librarian has the lyricsss,' while another observed: 'I literally thought he was going to come out and read. '.

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