ITV Britain's Got Talent fans question Alesha Dixon's 'live' performance

Alesha Dixon
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Britain's Got Talent enthusiasts noticed that something was amiss during Alesha Dixon's semi-final act.

The judge graced the stage this evening, delivering a medley of her greatest hits, including tunes from her Mis-Teeq days, before debuting her latest single "Ransom," now available.

As Alesha stepped into the spotlight tonight, viewers quickly took to social media to express their observations, many pointing out a similar issue with her performance as judges and spectators grooved to her song compilation.

After a hiatus from the music industry, she is making a comeback. Discussing her return, she commented: "I think that the beauty of being at this point in my life, the age that I'm at, with the experience I've had, and also being an independent artist, I've got a bit more of a relaxed attitude about it."

Nonetheless, fans swiftly highlighted a glitch in tonights Britain's Got Talent show. On Twitter, one viewer remarked: "And for my next trick.... The 'LIVE' sign has reappeared. I love how Alesha is missing from the judges panel even though she pre-recorded her act before the show began this evening," while another chimed in: "AS IF THEY MADE ALESHA LEAVE TO PRETEND IT WAS LIVE LMAO. Also look the LIVE logo is back. #britainsgottalent.", reports the Mirror.

One viewer commented: "Why are they still pretending that alesha's performance was live #bgt #britainsgottalent," while another remarked: "So obviously Aleshas performance was pre-recorded. And now she's just hanging off stage while they talk to the judges, like it was live."

In a chat with Rolling Stone, Alesha confessed that the most crucial aspect of returning to music was the freedom to be herself and release what she wants without being tied to a record label.

"I want to be back as Alesha Dixon the artist. I've been recording throughout the years, but hadn't felt quite ready to release anything for a multitude of reasons. One of them being the fact that I'm an independent artist now and it's very expensive to put out music, and the industry is very tricky. The business aspect of it is what has put me off going down that road again," she expressed.

Alesha further emphasised that she didn't have the time to "play the music industry games" and wasn't concerned about her chart position, but simply wanted her music to connect with both herself and others.