ITV Britain's Got Talent fans work out real reason why Bruno Tonioli is being 'booed' during live final

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Fans tuning into the Britain's Got Talent final on Sunday night think they've worked out why judge Bruno Tonioli is being 'booed'. The grand finale of the ITV talent show kicked off with a round up of each of the 10 acts who have made it through to the last stage, as well as the reveal of the judges' wildcard.

The first act of the night was the talented Double Dutch group Haribow, who performed an impressive skipping routine, followed by the judges' controversial wildcard, dog act The Trickstars. But as the former Strictly Come Dancing judge stood up to congratulate them, it appeared the audience were 'booing' him.

This continued to happen throughout the live final, and is not the first time that it has occured as fans also pointed out the booing during the semi-finals. Many confused viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, as the live final aired to ask why Bruno, 68, was getting such criticism.

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@bradanielsmoore asked: "Why did everybody just boo Bruno what have I missed… #BritainsGotTalent," as @JazzyDanielsUK noted: "Boo'ing Bruno must make these contestants think they're being boo'd at! Why do it? #BGT."

@meisshell questioned: "Why is bruno getting boo'd so much? #bgt," as @Debbie_Black asked: "Why are the Audience boo’ing Bruno when he gets up to talk #bgt #britainsgottalent."

@thatsmypeachx also said: "What have I missed, why do the audience boo and heckle Bruno? #BGT #BritainsGotTalent," as @RyanTheSoapking echoed: "Trying to work out why the audience boo Bruno everytime he speaks? #BGT."

@AmySian1993 also said: "Did bruno just get a few boos, for being nice or am I being a melt?," as @robert38023 noticed: "The Audience always boo Bruno smh #BGT."

Bruno was the only judge getting a bad reaction -Credit:ITV
Bruno was the only judge getting a bad reaction -Credit:ITV

But some fans think they've now worked out the reason for the reaction, and that the audience are not in fact 'booing' Bruno. @jacxxx replied to a comment saying: "They’re not booing they’re shouting Bruno, Bruno."

@me_and_flora was also amongst the viewers to suggest that the audience were shouting his name rather than booing. She said: "To the people saying “why are they booing Bruno?” I’m pretty sure they are just chanting his name. It sounds identical to a boo. #bgt."

@Fiery_Cinder also suggested: "They're chanting "Bruno, Bruno!" Cause they're fans."