ITV Britain's Got Talent rocked by fix claims as ITV viewers share theories

Friday night's episode saw a nail-biting semi-final ahead of Sunday's grand finale
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

ITV viewers were left seething after Britain's Got Talent's Friday night episode.

The nail-biting semi-final, which sets the stage for Sunday's grand finale, had some fans up in arms over what they perceived as subtle yet significant details from the evening's show.

Accusations of a rigged competition flew as show enthusiasts expressed their discontent with the judges' decisions, particularly regarding one act.

Comedians Alex Mitchell and magician Trixy secured their spots in the upcoming final, with Mitchell sailing through on the highest public vote and Trixy being chosen by the judges over blind musicians Denise and Stefan.

Social media has been abuzz with allegations of a fix in favour of Trixy, starting with his performance that involved audience participation. He began by having everyone use their mobile phone calculators, then asked judge Bruno Tonioli for his wake-up time that day.

Britain's Got Talent
Some fans think Trixy's final spot was rigged by ITV -Credit:ITV

"8.45am," answered Tonioli, prompting Trixy to instruct the audience to enter 845 into their calculators. Next, he asked Alesha Dixon for the number of people present, to which she responded 3,000, a figure added to the initial 845, reports the Mirror.

Amanda Holden's bedtime of 1.04am was next, represented by 104, and finally, host Declan Donnelly was asked for a random six-digit number. After all additions, hitting the equals button revealed the number 315,823 coincidentally at exactly 8.23pm on May 31, leaving the audience amazed.

But not everyone was convinced, with users on X, formerly known as Twitter, suggesting Dec must have been "in" on the unbelievable act. "Trixy, that wasn't actual magic. its numbers, which dec had an earpiece in for," one user claimed.

Britain's Got Talent
Viewers weren't happy with Dec's part in Friday's semi-final -Credit:ITV

While another added: "Trixy, it's not magic when Dec is in on it giving the specific number that's needed to make today's date. Old trick using a specific app to give you the number needed."

Later, when the judges were faced with the tough decision between Trixy and Denise and Stefan, Bruno opted for the latter. Alesha described the choice as a "nightmare", but ultimately sided with Trixy, joining Simon and Amanda in their decision.

Fan theories erupted once more when Alesha mentioned she was picking the magician to "balance" the votes, seemingly making it easier for the others to put him through.

"Alesha said, 'I'm going to balance it out and pick Trixy' and then the last two pick Trixy," another viewer expressed their frustration on X, sharing a gif that read "It was fixed". The final fix theory emerged as eagle-eyed fans noticed something peculiar during the magician's live performance.

Typically, there's a slight delay in live TV subtitles since the programme isn't pre-recorded and a live speech recognition device generates the subtitles as the show unfolds. However, non-live shows have pre-loaded text.

Viewers pointed out that last night's subtitles seemed to load instantly, with one person commenting on X: "I'm 99% sure this act is a fix because the subtitles are preloaded, if it was live they'd be on a delay."

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