ITV Britain's Got Talent winner 'revealed' hours before final as one act given huge boost

BGT winner 'revealed' hours before final as star emerges as huge favourite
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As the finale of Britain's Got Talent approaches tonight, buzz is rife around favourites and predictions. Gym worker turned soul stirrer Sydnie Christmas proves to be a strong favourite among fans given her stunning voice which she showcased in an emotion-evoking semi-final stint.

Betting behemoths are also rallying behind Sydnie, now 28. Ladbrokes, for instance, records her as the frontrunner at 2/5 odds. Following her are Alex Mitchell at 4/1, trailed jointly by Abigail and Afronitaa at 7/1.

Meanwhile, other participants step into the limelight tonight with a lesser promise of victory, all standing at a 12/1 chance or lower, while Northants Sings Out and Trixy take the brunt end of the stick as rank outsiders with long odds of 66/1.

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Adding colour to Ladbrokes ' predictions, Alex Apati said: "We've seen some sensational acts along the way, but it all boils down to tonight's final, where the odds suggest it's going to take something pretty special to stop Sydnie Christmas from winning the series."

Sydnie's semi-final performance of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' was met with a standing ovation from the audience and drew high praise from the evidently moved judges. Judge Amanda Holden was visibly emotional, while Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli, and Alesha Dixon were left in awe.

Sydnie Christmas on BGT on ITV1
Sydnie Christmas on BGT on ITV1 -Credit:ITVX

Following the act, Amanda commented: "I have to sit down; I thought I was going to pass out during that. Honestly, Sydnie, when we saw your audition, I had so many people come up and stop me. And tonight you have done even better. I just cannot believe your capacity, your fire, and your strength."

Alesha Dixon expressed her excitement, saying: "My heart was pounding the whole way through that. That is the job of a singer. You are a superstar in the making." Bruno Tonioli was equally impressed, remarking: "I cannot believe it. The way you build up to the high note, hitting it with such power and clarity. It was stunning, stunning."

Simon Cowell couldn't contain his admiration, stating: "It wasn't a 10; it was an 11 in my opinion. If it wasn't for people like you, I wouldn't bother making this show. And you have to wonder who were these idiots you auditioned for that didn't give you the break before. The only people you need to trust are the audience; they always get it right."

Sydnie's rendition of Frank Sinatra's classic, My Way, was given a unique twist in the semi-finals. Despite her confident performance, Sydnie admitted to being quite anxious backstage.

She disclosed: "My voice coach had to walk me on to the stage because I was so nervous. I'm very happy it didn't look that way because I was terrified."

The nerves were partly due to her decision to perform a personalised version of the song. She reflected: "It was My Own Way, wasn't it? I just really hoped it would land."

The Britain's Got Talent final airs on ITV1 at 7.30pm tonight (Sunday, June 2).