ITV The Chase contestant mortified as teammate ignores her at 'unbelievable' moment

-Credit: (Image: ITV)

ITV's The Chase is known for its unexpected comedic moments, but one incident has left fans fuming.

A viewer shared a clip from the show on X (previously known as Twitter ), with the caption: "You have to see this to believe it." Despite watching the clip multiple times, some fans confessed they "still didn't believe it".

The tension was palpable when host Bradley Walsh asked Chaser Jenny Ryan: "Which confectionery company makes Revels? ". After a brief pause, she answered "Cadbury," which was incorrect. However, it was the contestants' response that left viewers in disbelief.

Upon hearing the wrong answer, Walsh said: "Stop the clock, that is wrong", and repeated the question to the two contestants. The female contestant suggested: "I can't think of another...Mars? " before her teammate whispered: "Cadbury", seemingly oblivious that the Chaser had already given that answer.

"She said Cadbury," the woman pointed out, but the man then turned to Walsh and stated: "Cadbury" as their final answer, leaving the woman visibly puzzled.

A perplexed Walsh gestured towards Ryan and reiterated: "She said Cadbury", as the camera focused on the Chaser. He then revealed that Mars was indeed the correct answer and highlighted that the man's teammate had given the right answer.

The man leaned over to congratulate her while she tried to suppress her laughter.

Viewers were up in arms after a contestant congratulated his teammate for giving the incorrect answer on The Chase. Several jokingly suggested he would be put "in the dog house", whilst more analysed, "To be fair, I'm pretty sure the answer is Cadbury. Maybe give 'Cadbury' one more try and see what he says."

One viewer remarked, "It's how he says it with so much conviction. Followed up with the 'well done' afterwards", while another quipped that he was an "incredible blunderer".

On the other hand, some watchers defended his actions, justifying that: "It is the stress to be fair. Plus the adrenaline, they probably can't hear her answer very well. So it's designed to make people make mistakes which is why the chaser didn't rip into them."