ITV The Chase's Shaun Wallace shares major change on set when filming stops

The Chase's Shaun Wallace
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Shaun Wallace has revealed he is the only star on The Chase who interacts with contestants once filming wraps up.

Despite his stern and humourless on-screen persona as the Dark Destroyer, the 64-year-old quizmaster insists he's quite different in real life, often surprising fans with his friendly demeanour.

Shaun enjoys engaging with fans, who frequently test his general knowledge by posing questions to him. In an interview with New Zealand Woman's Weekly, he stated: "When I'm quizzing, I'm not there to smile, I'm there to win."

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He added: "Once filming stops, I'm friendly - I'm the only Chaser who will go and see the contestants afterwards, whether they win or lose - but on the show, I've got a job to do."

Shaun, who previously worked as a criminal defence barrister representing murderers, believes his legal training prepared him for the ruthless world of entertainment.

He learned to be "cold and dispassionate" in court, a trait he has carried over into the "shark-infested" world of showbiz. His background as a barrister also helped him develop his research skills, quick thinking, and objectivity, reports the Mirror.

This allows him to maintain his Dark Destroyer character while host Bradley Walsh jests on set, a situation that often leaves Shaun "wanting to crack up".

Shaun Wallace was beaten in the last round of The Chase
Shaun Wallace says people like to try catch out the Chasers. -Credit:ITV

Shaun Wallace, also known as 'The Dark Destroyer' on the popular quiz show 'The Chase', enjoys a good rapport with his fellow Chasers and considers them a "formidable team". This camaraderie proves beneficial, especially when he needs to take time off for his barrister duties in court.

Despite his fame in the quizzing world, which has led him to host events even on cruise ships, Shaun encounters fans eager to stump him with tough questions.

He shared: "Sometimes I get asked impossibly hard questions that I don't know and people are excited that they beat a Chaser. Fair enough, you got me, I'm still going to sleep at night though."

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