ITV Coronation Street fans 'work out' Joel Deering's accomplice

Joel Deering
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street viewers have pieced together who Joel Deering might be in cahoots with - and it's not Kit or Nathan.

Joel Deering, portrayed by Calum Lill, was unmasked as Lauren Bolton's attacker in a jaw-dropping turn of events after months of guessing who was behind the teen's sudden disappearance. Lauren vanished in February, believed to be dead, but it's now confirmed that Joel was her attacker and possibly her killer with the truth about that fateful night finally coming to light.

However, fans are now suspecting that Joel isn't working alone. Nathan Curtis is associated with Joel, given that he's his legal representative and has been urging him to confess to the crime, while some viewers reckon that Kit could be collaborating with Joel in a gang targeting young girls, much like Nathan used to do.

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A number of viewers are now convinced that Nicky might be Joel's accomplice. Introduced as a sex worker a few years ago, Nicky has since transitioned away from that life and is now helping women who have had similar experiences to hers, reports the Mirror.

There's speculation that Nicky could be sourcing the women for Joel and any other individuals involved. Could this be an unexpected plot twist on the horizon for the ITV soap, and how would Daniel and Bethany respond?

Chris Harper, who portrays Nathan on the show, hinted last week that his character might be in cahoots with Joel. He revealed: "I think we are about to see some fun twists. Joel's got a lot to lose.

"They're both manipulative, dark people, and we're gonna see them working together to get the best end result for both of them. It's gonna get nasty."

Fans have revisited a scene from September that 'revealed' Joel's past with Lauren
Fans have revisited a scene from September that 'revealed' Joel's past with Lauren -Credit:ITV

Calum, who plays Joel, gave a glimpse into what could be next for his character, especially as the residents of Weatherfield remain oblivious to his secrets. He said: "I think he's trying to work out how many loose ends there could be and how to deal with them.

"Obviously as a defence solicitor he knows how to play the game and knows that there is reasonable doubt and that he needs to cancel out anything that could be tied down to him. But you know, this is new territory for him," he shared.

"He might have been in a situation before where he's broken the law and not treated people very nicely. But this is new and I think he feels real concern. He has to make it stick on Nathan so no one ever suspects it could be Joel."

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