ITV Coronation Street fans spot 'blunder' as Paul exit date leaves viewers confused

Paul Corrie
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Coronation Street's Paul Foreman is set to exit the iconic soap in a heart-wrenching plot following his diagnosis with motor neurone disease (MND), though the date of his final appearance remains under wraps.

Paul's journey took a turn for the worse after an accident which saw his health rapidly decline. Medical professionals intervened, leading to the devastating discovery of MND, shattering Paul's world.

His condition has progressively worsened, affecting his speech and diet, as he's been advised to switch to pureed food instead of solids, a change that hit him hard while he tried to maintain strength for his loved ones.

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A recent visit to the clinic with Billy delivered another harsh reality; an MND nurse informed him that his deteriorating neck muscles would soon prevent him from using his stair lift, adding to his challenges.

Paul received MND diagnosis in Corrie
Paul Foreman received an MND diagnosis in Corrie last year -Credit:ITV

Since his MND diagnosis, Paul has been determined to cherish every moment with his family. However, in November 2023, a nurse suggested Paul might only have six months left, reports the Express.

Yet, some eagle-eyed Corrie viewers have noted that it's been seven months since Paul received his grim six-month prognosis.

Paul Foreman
The fan favourite was given six months to live in November -Credit:ITV

Fans have taken to social media to discuss the timeline discrepancy, with one viewer posting on X, previously known as Twitter, a screenshot from Coronation Street's official YouTube channel highlighting the quote: "Paul's told he's got six months left to live". The user, @felixw1, accompanied the image with the remark: "6 months left to live - 7 months ago."

"Why is it always 6 months that these characters have left to live on every single soap storyline of terminal illness lmao", @PlanetRhi quipped, pointing out the recurring trope in soap operas. Yet, some Corrie enthusiasts are defending the show, insisting that Paul's life expectancy may not be as cut and dry as it seems.

Paul Corrie
Paul's health has been getting worse following his MND diagnosis in 2023 -Credit:ITV

@AwesomegamingY clarified: "If you watch it it's actually 6-12 months don't always believe what the title tells you."

Meanwhile, @footymadfan22 added: "If you actually watched it its 6 months to a year."

The date for Peter Ash's final appearance as Paul has not been announced, but it's set to be an emotional farewell for both fans and his fellow cast members.

Having already experienced significant events, Paul celebrated what was presumed to be his last Christmas with loved ones, leading viewers to brace themselves for his departure within the coming months, before the close of 2024.

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