ITV Coronation Street's Nick Tilsley star Ben Price's life off screen and soap exit admission

Ben Price has been a part of the Coronation Street cast for over a decade and has been at the centre of some of the soap's biggest storylines, but his life off screen is far less dramatic
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Ben Price has won fans' hearts during his time on Coronation Street. Joining as Nick Tilsley in 2009, the actor became a staple of the show and was involved in several notable storylines. Currently, his character, Nick, is entangled in a complicated love triangle with long-time partner Leanne Battersby and her sister, Toyah.

Brainwashed by the Institute, Leanna has distanced herself, pushing Nick and Toyah together. In this week's dramatic episode, after experiencing severe stomach pain, Toyah believed she was pregnant.

Convinced that the baby was Nick's, an unexpected twist revealed she wasn't pregnant but may have ovarian cancer. The heartbreaking revelation left Nick devastated, having gotten excited about fatherhood once again.

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Outside the soap, Ben enjoys a much calmer life, happily married to actress Alexandra Wheeler. The couple, who met during their work on the stage play 'On The Razzle,' share two children, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Showing his commitment to his family above all else, Ben took a temporary break from Coronation Street in 2017. Speaking on This Morning, he explained: "I'm going to leave for my family. It's been amazing, I've loved the show. Amazing people, I've had extraordinary storylines and it could not have been any better."

"I live 200 miles away. I see my wife and children on a Saturday and I go back on a Sunday. It took me quite a while to think about. It's a big decision, but, in the end, it's my family and I miss them."

Ben's family reside in Bath, where he spent his time off being a full-time dad to his kids. However, he managed to make a comeback to the soap the following year after alterations were made to his work schedule.

He explained: "I now have a different way of working. I get a longer weekend - they make sure I can get home on a Friday.

"They crush my work into busy days rather than it elongating over time. And they are aware that I have to find that balance now. It's a really different working week and I couldn't be happier to be back."

Ben is relishing his time on the show more than ever, cherishing close friendships with his co-stars and hosting the On the Sofa podcast with his colleagues, Colson Smith and Jack P Shepherd.

While he was based in Manchester, Ben previously shared a house with Colson, as the actor disclosed in 2022: "It's emotional for me, it's an end of an era. Me and Ben after three years and seven months of living with each other, it's come to an end. The dream is over.

"I lived with you Jack for a year, and then Ben for three and a bit years. I've literally had my university with you. Ben has gone into his new swanky flat, and I'm currently homeless, awaiting to move into my bachelor pad. My own house that I own, it's like a box tick moment."