ITV Emmerdale fans 'work out' Ella Forster's link to killer Meena

Emmerdale fans think Ella Forster's real link to killer Meena Jutla has been revealed
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are convinced they've uncovered the true connection between Ella Forster and notorious serial killer Meena Jutla,

Ella's closely guarded secret about her true identity was forced out during Thursday's episode of the ITV soap. She watched the funeral of a character known as June from a distance having claimed to Manpreet Sharma the dementia sufferer was her mum.

Village doctor and Ella's partner Liam Cavanagh attended the service only to learn June's daughter, called Joanne, had died decades ago. This name, along with another - Ruth, had previously been glimpsed by viewers who saw a photograph of two young girls.

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With Joanne no longer alive and Ella, known to the family as a "child killer", fans began to suspect Ella was responsible for the young girl's death. As speculations mounted, some sharp-eyed viewers deduced Ella's genuine name was likely Ruth, reports the Mirror.

During the emotionally charged scenes, a distraught relative exclaimed: "It should be you in that hole, not her! You're scum, you're a murderer, child killer!"

The focus then shifted to the grave beside June's, which seemed to belong to her 11-year-old daughter. The headstone was labelled: "Joanne Phillips, 3rd March 1994 to 22nd August 2005".

On social media, fans were quick to piece together the puzzle that Ella might actually be Ruth. While they had previously suspected it was Meena in a photo, they think there's a connection between the renowned village serial killer and Ella.

Meena Jutla killed five people and attempted top kill four more during her stint on Emmerdale
Meena Jutla killed five people and attempted top kill four more during her stint on Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

This includes hints such as her best friend being a nurse, her panicking when Meena's name is brought up, and the newspaper article she holds featuring Meena and her victims.

The audience believes the two have crossed paths before and speculate this could have occurred during a prison stint, though this hasn't been disclosed yet. One fan took to Twitter to suggest: "So Ella/Ruth met Meena in prison, probably.."

Another had their own theory: "So if Joanne is dead then she must be Ruth but they both looked the same age on the picture, so how can she be a child killer? She must have met Meena in prison."

A third fan posited: "I think she is still linked to Meena, I bet they were in the same prison."

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