ITV Lorraine Kelly tells Kate Garraway she 'needs pals' as daughter reaches milestone birthday

Kate Garraway ensured her late husband Derek Draper was remembered during their daughter's 18th birthday.

Myleene Klass, appearance as a guest on Lorraine's ITV show this Wednesday as spoke about her close association with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

During their conversation, the former Hear'Say singer divulged that she had aided Kate in arranging Darcey's birthday in early March, 2024, and they even located a venue near enough to Derek to incorporate the late political lobbyist into the festivities.

"It's been wonderful to be able to support her; she has endured so much," Myleene initially mentioned referring to Derek's passing earlier this year and her financial woes. As Lorraine probed her about their friendship, a result of their shared experience working on radio shows, she reminded Myleene that Kate "needs her pals", reports the Mirror.

Myleene Klass spoke about her friendship with Kate Garraway
Myleene Klass spoke about her friendship with Kate Garraway -Credit:ITV

Recalling one particular phone call from Kate, Myleene assumed that she was seeking advice on technology, saying: "She called me up and she said: 'can you help me out?' and I thought it was going to be a techy question."

Myleene, however, was taken aback when Kate asked for assistance with Darcey's birthday, occurring just two months after losing her beloved husband, as she said: "Can you help me put a birthday party up for my daughter in three days?" Keen to lend a hand, Myleene involved her own family in the preparations.

Derek died in January at the age of 56
Derek died in January at the age of 56 -Credit:James Gourley/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Myleene, speaking about the decision to host the party at a venue close to Derek, said: "We wanted to make one for her to remember and the reason it was so tricky was we moved the entire party to a venue that I had booked into her house because she (Darcey) wanted to be close to her dad."

Following the successful celebration of her daughter's landmark birthday with Derek in close proximity, Kate chose to commemorate him on Father's Day (June 16, 2024) by visiting his gravesite.

She later took to social media to share an emotional message, writing: "So yesterday was one of those days the kids and I knew would be tough . #fathersday - the day when everyone wants to celebrate their daddy.

"We started by visiting Derek's grave early - and talked about all the amazing things we loved about him, the daft things he did to make us laugh and all the things he has given us that we'll never forget. We have so much to be grateful for.

"We're also so grateful to still have my amazing dad in our lives and Derek's dad too. Brilliant Papa and Grandad. Then thanks to my fab @global family we went to the #capitalsummertimeball - an amazing day of music and summer joy."

However, even amidst her heartfelt message of thanks, Kate recognised a void as she wrote: "It was sad coming home and not finding Derek waiting to hear 'all about it' as he used to say. But so wonderful that we had him at all.

"I know for so many yesterday would have been a tough day so here's to getting through and let's celebrate all the wonderful fathers and father figures and what they gift us everyday . #love #gratitude #letscelebratelife."

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