What is Erb’s Palsy? The disability Love Island contestant Patsy Field has

Patsy Field
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island is back and ready to set the nation's screens ablaze for another scorching summer!

The ultimate search for love and global phenomenon returns to Mallorca for its eleventh series. One hopeful contestant is Patsy Field, from Orpington, who spoke openly about her disability ahead of entering the villa.

She said: "It’s a condition I was born with called Erb's Palsy. It doesn't define who I am , but it makes me a little different, although I’ve learnt to get on with it and It’s never held me back." The 29-year-old, who will join Scouse make-up artist Samantha Kenny, will be on screens when the show airs in June.

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What is Erb’s Palsy?

According to NHS guidance, it is a condition that happens after a difficult birth when the baby's head or arm has been pulled during delivery. The pulling may affect from one to all five nerves that supply the movement and feeling to either arm (brachial plexus).

The arm can be partially or completely paralysed, depending on the amount of damage the nerves have received or the number of nerves affected. Recovery depends on how much damage has been done to the nerve.

If the nerves are only bruised or swollen, the paralysis may get better in the first days or month. It is difficult to predict what improvement there will be but in time your doctor or physiotherapist will be able to give you an idea.

Erb’s Palsy is diagnosed after an assessment by either a midwife or doctor. The NHS information pack added that "80-90% of babies can fully recover, but every case is different".

Gentle exercises to the arm will help to stimulate the nerves and encourage the return of feeling and movement. It is important to do the exercises regularly to stop the arm getting stiff (e.g. with every nappy change).

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