ITV Love Island star quits show after partner is dumped

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island fans are set to witness another shocking exit as a star decides to leave the villa following her partner's dumping.

Uma Jammeh has reportedly quit the show in an unexpected twist after her partner, Wil Anderson, was dumped. In a forthcoming re-coupling, new bombshell Reuben Collins will choose Uma, leaving Wil single.

This revelation will stun ITV viewers, especially since Uma was left devastated by Wil's actions during Casa Amor, where he pursued Lucy Graybill. She had to endure watching these damning scenes during the explosive Movie Night.

Wil's behaviour reduced Uma to tears, but he refused to apologise, justifying his actions by saying he did what he felt like doing. In Monday's episode, Uma gets the opportunity to form a connection with someone else when she is chosen to date new arrivals Reuben Collins and Joshua Oyinsan.

A source revealed to MailOnline: "Uma made her feelings towards Wil clear by remaining loyal to him during Casa Amor. But now she's made a huge commitment by quitting Love Island after he was dumped when she was stolen by one of the new bombshells," reports the Mirror.

Love Island's Uma
Uma has sensationally quit the villa -Credit:ITV

"It was an emotional moment shared by all of her fellow Islanders but it's what she wanted to do to remain true to herself. She knew at this last stage in the competition that she wasn't going to develop feelings for anyone else and she couldn't see Wil leave on his own."

Wil has been slammed by viewers for his "scary" behaviour, with fans criticising his lack of remorse over his connection with Lucy. One viewer expressed their shock on Twitter: "Wil is actually a scary scary man, the switch up," and another commented: "Wooow Wil is sooooooo disrespectful."

The upcoming episode on Monday will delve into the aftermath of Movie Night. Uma confides in Matilda about Wil's actions: "I'm so embarrassed, I really thought he was a different person.."

Matilda concurs, adding her own disappointment: "Yeah what we saw was really sh**, but the way they've handled it has made it ten times worse". Uma, visibly upset by Casa Amor's revelations, says: "For you to sit there and be like oh yeah that's my perfect type, that's actually quite upsetting for me to hear."

As Uma receives support from Mimii and Matilda, Matilda offers words of encouragement: "Babe do you know what? You're the most beautiful girl inside and out."

Mimii chimes in with a critique on men's behaviour: "This is the thing with men, they just get excited over a new shiny toy."

Later, Uma finds solace in getting to know newcomers Reuben and Josh, declaring: "Revenge is sweet! That's exactly what I needed to remind me who I am."

ITV has chosen not to comment on these reports.

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