ITV newsreader Charlene White reveals abuse over her not wearing a poppy on screen

Charlene White (Credit: ITV)
Charlene White (Credit: ITV)

ITV newsreader Charlene White has revealed that she continues to receive sickening abuse for not wearing a poppy on screen.

White receives the same offensive trolling every year, but is not able to wear the British Legion emblem due to impartiality rules.

The 38-year-old broadcaster, who is from a forces family, is the patron of a number of other charities, and explained in a tweet that she is not ‘a b***h, c**t or p***k’.

She also linked to an article she wrote in 2014 explaining her position.

“For those asking tonight – some nicely, others not – here’s an article explaining why I don’t wear a poppy on air,” she wrote.

“I wear a poppy off screen, I donate to the British Legion, I come from a forces family. I’m really not a b***h, c**t or p***k.”

In the article, she explains: “I support and am patron of a number of charities, and due to impartiality rules, I am not allowed to visually support them all whilst presenting news programmes.

“That includes things like a red ribbon for World Aids Day, or a purple band for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

“Both these and many more charities do great things in the UK, but I’m not allowed to give them exposure on screen.

“So I feel uncomfortable supporting just one charity above all others, namely The Royal British Legion, but I fully support my colleagues who do choose to wear the poppy on screen.

“In my private life, it’s very different. I wear a poppy on Armistice Day – in fact I wear one that my friend Jen’s mum knitted for me a few years ago.

“And I proudly have one of the ceramic poppies from the Tower Of London on my mantelpiece.

“And every year I donate to the British Legion. Money which the charity desperately needs for the work that they do to support serving and ex-service men and women and their families.”

White’s father served in the RAF, while her uncle also served in the army, she goes on to explain, adding that both understand her decision.

“It is a subject that provokes a lot of debate and anger – but it is one that I feel strongly about,” she writes.

“Of course I don’t expect everyone to support it.

“However it is always important to remember what my family, your family, and millions of people over many generations have fought for: the right to choose, and the right of freedom of speech and expression.”

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