ITV offer cryptic response over Benidorm cancellation rumours

ITV’s hit show is in its tenth series. (ITV)
ITV’s hit show is in its tenth series. (ITV)

Fans are worried that they won’t see their favourite characters ever again, if the rumour that Benidorm is no more is to be believed.

Speculation is growing whether there will even be another series of the popular comedy series, as bosses plan to simply cease making the show.

Despite it currently enjoying its tenth series and pleasing its regular fanbase, the Sun reckon the show has had its time and is being canned.

They’re reporting the bosses will quietly axe the show after its newest series concludes and replace it with a similarly-themed show set in Scarborough.

People who watch the series will likely be concerned with what ITV, the channel that airs the programme, had to say on its future – or apparent lack of one.

‘No decision has been made about a further series,’ an ITV spokesperson said, which does little to clear anything up and further sews seeds of doubt into people’s minds.

The cast accept their NTA at the 2011 event. (PA)
The cast accept their NTA at the 2011 event. (PA)

A source to the paper didn’t do much to settle the nerves either, claiming that it had ‘run its course.’

‘The ratings have started to drop off and a number of the fan favourites have left, so it just feels as though the time is right to let it go out while it’s still on a high,’ they said.

‘It has been ITV’s longest running comedy, which is a real achievement.’

That said, Benidorm creator Derren Litten announced his response to the paper’s claim on Twitter.

‘And apparently The Sun are running a story tomorrow on how Benidorm has been cancelled,’ he wrote. ‘Don’t make me f*****g laugh.

‘(I enjoyed that story after series 6. And 7 and 8 and 9…)’.

Whether the comedy does indeed end any time soon remains to be seen, but fans can at least get themselves excited for a stage version of the hit show. Litten, 47, is currently adapting material from the TV series for more sun-filled capers that’ll be seen in theatres.

The show won Most Popular Comedy Programme in 2008 and 2011 at the National Television Awards and, as mentioned, is currently ITV’s longest-running comedy show.

Catch Benidorm each Wednesday, 9pm, on ITV1.

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