ITV responds to claims Love Island stars got on to social media while in the villa

ITV has responded to claims that some Love Island contestants managed to access social media while in the villa.

While taking part in the ITV2 show, contestants aren't allowed any contact with the outside world.

They are given mobile phones from production for the famous "I've got a text" moments, but are blocked from the internet.

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However, a tabloid has claimed that dumped Islander Maxwell Samuda said on an Instagram live that Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman managed to guess the password, before downloading Instagram.

In a statement, ITV said (via Metro): "No islanders have downloaded or had access to social media while in the villa."

Casey became one of the latest contestants to leave the show, alongside Rosie Seabrook in a brutal vote-off in last night's episode (March 8). However, he said he was glad that he and bombshell Rosie could now spend time together, away from the camera.

rosie and casey, love island 2023

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"I can't wait to introduce her to my family and all my friends," he said in his exit interview. "I think that's number one on my priority list. I need approval from my mum!

"I'm just super excited to see where things go on the outside. I can't wait to do some activities, go on dates and spend some quality time with each other. It'll be nice also to be apart to see if I do really, really miss her."

Rosie also talked about their relationship, sharing her favourite moment between the pair.

"The conversation we had just before we left where we discussed how we felt and stood with each other stands out. I think that conversation was needed, as we both knew how we felt but neither of us had said it," she said.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2, and is available via catch up on ITVX and BritBox.

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