'I've banned my mum-in-law from seeing my baby - she's chosen a horrid nickname'

Mature thoughtful woman against her adult daughter with little baby  at home
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Welcoming a baby into the world is meant to be a joyous occasion, but sometimes family can turn it sour for new parents.

One mum has had it up to here with her mother-in-law's antics since she brought her baby home four months ago. The gran seems determined to overstep every boundary and take on a major role in the child's life, much to the parents' dismay.

The saga began just 48 hours after the birth when the mother-in-law kicked off because she wasn't allowed to see her grandchild straight away. Fast forward four months and the mother-in-law's first visit to meet the baby was nothing short of a nightmare.

Taking to Reddit, the new mum recounted how her mother-in-law, who she labelled an "absolute wretch", started by saying the baby "looks nothing like" her or her partner. She then went on to ignore several rules, including not washing her hands before holding the baby and kissing them despite being asked not to.

She even attempted to sit the baby up on their own before they were ready and gave her son a hard time for trying to intervene. To top it all off, she accused the couple of keeping their child "in a cave" because they chose not to have visitors for the first two months.

The mum has voiced her frustration over her mother-in-law's insistence on a peculiar "grandma name" for herself, demanding to be called 'Marmie' by her grandchild.

She vented: "Honestly, I don't give a f**k what this cuckoo lady has to say. She is only hurting her chances of spending time with my child in the future. But what irked me the most from this visit was that she declared her grandma name is 'Marmie'. Not Grandma, Granny, or Nana. She wants to be called MARMIE."

She suspects the choice of 'Marmie' is because it closely resembles 'Mummy', and given that young children often struggle with pronouncing Rs, it will likely sound just like 'Mummy'.

"I was just dumbfounded in the moment, but I will be shutting this s**t down," she asserted, questioning whether her mother-in-law thinks she's too naive to understand her motives or too timid to object.

Online commenters shared their bewilderment at the grandmother's antics, with many advising the mum to establish an alternative nickname for the baby to use instead of 'Marmie'.

One commenter remarked: "Why does every grandmother need a unique grandma name? The charm of these nicknames is that the child picks them, not grandma," while another pointed out: "That's too hard for a baby/toddler to pronounce. She'll end up as 'Me-Me' or something. And once the baby gives your mother-in-law a name (whatever she ends up calling her), it'll stick."