'I've been commando forever': Richard Madeley 'can't remember' the last time he wore pants

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Richard Madeley has managed to leave Good Morning Britain viewers open mouthed once again, this time with the revelation that he goes commando every day.

Admitting that he can’t remember the last time he wore pants, Madeley, 62, opened up about what’s under his suit during a segment about men’s underwear habits.

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He and co-hosts Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins were discussing a report that 80% of men keep their underwear for 10 years, when he explained why the stats did not apply to him.

Madeley revealed: “I have been commando forever. I can’t remember the last time I wore pants.”

Hawkins asked him: “Are you not worried you might split your trousers when you’re out and about?”

The former This Morning presenter is currently standing in for Piers Morgan on GMB, where he has shocked and surprised viewers with accidental swearing and awkward interview techniques, but people were even more astounded by his next comment.

Last week, Madeley sported an odd appearance when he mistook a bottle of old fake tan for aftershave and splashed it onto his face before a show.

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Putting a whole new spin on things after his pantless admission, Madeley said the fake tan fail had been the most embarrassing moment of his career, but added: “I could have walked around with my flies undone. That could have been seriously embarrassing.”

Madeley’s wife and former co-host Judy Finnegan famously had her own underwear-related mishap in 2001 at the National Television Awards.

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She had gone up on stage to accept an award but had no idea a wardrobe malfunction had left her top hanging open and her entire bra on display until John Leslie ran up after her and tried to cover her up.

Last week on GMB, Madeley shocked viewers by using the phrase “d***ing about” to London mayor Sadiq Khan during an interview, and blurting out “oh s***” during a chat with the winner of The Voice UK Molly Hocking.

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