Izzy Judd feeling ‘grateful’ as she opens up about adjusting to life as a mum-of-three

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Izzy Judd feeling ‘grateful’ as she opens up about adjusting to life as a mum-of-three

Izzy Judd is determined to enjoy every moment of being a mum-of-three after baring her soul in the past about fertility struggles.

The 38-year-old musician and author shares daughter Lola, five, and sons Kit, three, and six-month-old Lockie, with McFly drummer Harry.

The violinist was initially told that due to having polycystic ovaries she would be unlikely to conceive naturally.

The couple turned to IVF when Judd was 30 and she documented her difficult journey to motherhood in book Dare To Dream.

Their first round of treatment resulted in a heart-breaking miscarriage before she became pregnant with their daughter.

She then fell pregnant naturally with both of their sons.

In an interview with the Standard, Judd reflected on life as a family of five, saying: “Harry and I had always hoped to have another one, but obviously we struggled the first time around to have Lola so I still can’t believe we’re in this position where we’ve got three and I feel very grateful for that.

“Lockie is a real joy. Lola and Kit are only 19 months apart and they are really close. Obviously they have their moments, but they really are kind of joined at the hip.

“Now that Lockie is six months he’s beginning to do more and I find that Lola and Kit are interacting and enjoying him more than when he was in that newborn stage.”

Judd has teamed up with Aptamil Advanced Follow On Milk for a new campaign highlighting the importance of parents sharing the moments that matter.

She said: “You realise with the third how much you want time to slow down whereas with the first, you can’t wait for them to be moving on to the next stage because it’s all exciting and new.

“Once you’ve gone through it a few times you’re actually quite happy for time to go a bit slower and really take time out to enjoy those precious moments that just go too quickly.”

Izzy Judd says husband Harry Judd is a very ‘hands on dad' (Izzy Judd / Instagram)
Izzy Judd says husband Harry Judd is a very ‘hands on dad' (Izzy Judd / Instagram)

Judd has been open on social media about experimenting with combination feeding with her third child.

She spoke about the benefits of delegated feeding, especially for her husband who she described as a “very hands-on dad”.

Judd explained: “To share those bonding moments has been really important for him as well to feel like he can connect and also meaning I can spend time with Lola and Kit and not miss out on those moments that matter as well.

“We’re very much a team, we couldn’t do it any other way, especially with three, but even before I could always go out for the day and know that Harry is totally on it with routine, he knows what needs to be done and that’s the way we roll really.”

Izzy Judd says she and  Harry Judd act as a team when it comes to parenting (Aptamil / Oliver Dixon)
Izzy Judd says she and Harry Judd act as a team when it comes to parenting (Aptamil / Oliver Dixon)

Judd first met her other half during his band’s Wonderland Tour back in 2005 where she had been booked to play the violin as part of the orchestra.

She was 21 and cautious while he was 19 and saying within a week that he was going to marry her.

Despite his early declarations, they dated for six years before the All About You hit-maker finally popped the question and they were then married in a church ceremony in 2012.

The Strictly Come Dancing winner has been Judd’s rock, especially during her third labour which she said was “tricky”

“It was a trickier birth as Lockie was back to back,” she recalled. “My anxiety absolutely peaked and the overwhelm was very intense.”

Judd is not a stranger to anxiety and her experiences inspired her to write book Mindfulness For Mums.

The ex Britain’s Got Talent star said: “I’ve had really difficult times with anxiety ever since I can remember. I had the traditional treatment of antidepressants and cognitive behavioural therapy, which work really well together.

“I’m also a big believer in mindfulness which is simply focusing on the present moment, something as a mum I struggle with, especially with the daily demands and expectations that being a mum brings. I wanted to find ways to keep the calm rather than join their chaos.

“One of my coping strategies has been to take a mindful pause. This could be when your feet touch the ground in the morning, waiting for the kettle to boil or as you turn the door handle to leave the house.

“You simply breathe in for 4, hold for 2 and breathe out for 4. You could add an affirmation such as ‘let go’ or anything that feels right for you.”

Harry and Izzy Judd join Aptamil Advanced Follow On Milk’s ‘Share the Moments that Matter’ campaign to highlight the powerful and emotional connection made between parent and child when feeding. To find out more visit aptaclub.co.uk