J Lo and Ben Affleck spotted enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Paris today (22)

J Lo and Ben Affleck were spotted strolling hand in hand in Paris on their honeymoon today (22).

A bystander said she spotted them holding hands and enjoying a walk in the Marais area of Paris where they were perusing the vintage clothing stalls.

The power couple could be seen holding hands as they walked through the streets with two bodyguards accompanying them.

They appeared relaxed and happy with no crowds bothering the famous pair as they enjoyed some time away in Europe.

A bystander said: “We were walking through the Marais district over by the area that sells clothes by the kilo and I happened to walk out of one of the stores and notice people taking pictures.

“J Lo and Ben walked within a foot of me and walked right by me.

“She was in a floral dress and he was in a light blue button up shirt.

"They were holding hands and wandering around with one bodyguard in front and one behind.

“They looked happy. They were smiling and just looking around – they looked just like any other tourists.

“She had her sunglasses on and her hair on top of her head and he was holding a little bag of something they had purchased.

“They were a little bit unnoticed – there were no paparazzi or crowds, as they walked around some people were noticing them but it was very lowkey.

“It was pretty exciting – it was very bizarre to be on vacation in Paris and the two biggest stars of our time almost bump into me as they were so close.”

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