Who is Jack Dorsey?

Jack Dorsey is an American web developer, programmer and entrepreneur who has co-founded two hugely successful companies - Twitter and Square.

The billionaire was born in St. Louis, Missouri, US in 1976.

Considered to be one of the most unique bosses in Silicon Valley history, Dorsey has been programming since the age of 15.

Despite being a web phenomenon, he dropped out of university twice and has one qualification to his name.

What's more, before he became a household name in the tech world, he admitted that he once thought about quitting the industry altogether for a different line of work.

The entrepreneur’s distinctive look and love of saunas are just some of the things he is well known for.

Having stepped down as chief executive of Twitter at the end of 2021, Dorsey is now devoting himself to another one of his passions - cryptocurrencies.

To find out more about the former Twitter CEO, watch Yahoo UK’s explainer video.

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