Jack Osbourne shares chilling details of haunted family home

Jack Osbourne has given a chilling account of the spooky encounters he has experienced at his family's haunted home.

The 38-year-old reality star is the son of music legend Ozzy Osbourne and music manager Sharon and he says the family's Grade II-listed mansion in Buckinghamshire is haunted.

The Sun quotes Jack saying, "Welders is f***ing haunted as s**t. I hate staying there by myself."

He continued, "My friend James would house-sit for us. A few years ago he was house-sitting and his baby had woken up in the night and he and his wife went in to take care of their baby and heard a woman singing in the house. They couldn't figure it out."

He added: "When we were in Welders, we heard walking downstairs in Mum and Dad's bedroom. We heard someone walking along the hall upstairs and thought someone had broken into the house. That was clear as day and it wasn't a dog - it was footsteps coming down the hallway towards us."

Ozzy and Sharon have reportedly delayed moving back into the property - which was used as a psychiatric hospital for women in the past - until the spooky goings-on can be fully investigated.

The couple have owned the property since 1993 and Jack himself hosted a documentary show for Discovery+, titled Haunted Homecoming, in 2022.