Jack Osbourne's toddler daughter scared of grandpa Ozzy

Jack Osbourne's youngest daughter is scared of her grandpa Ozzy Osbourne.

Talking on the latest episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Jack admitted 15-month-old Maple is a fan of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy, but only from afar.

During the recording Ozzy told his son, "Bring the grandkids to come and see me!"

To which a laughing Jack replied, "I f**king will... she's scared of you IRL (in real life)."

Jack, who shares Maple with wife Aree Gearhart, then explained to his sister Kelly Osbourne Maple's reaction to her papa.

“You haven’t seen the new video, where she’s pointing,” he said. “We put on (Ozzy's song) Crazy Train, like an actual performance. She does the ‘I, I, I,' but she’s pointing a the TV going ‘Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa’, just on repeat like a broken record.

"But in real life when she sees him and she's like, "Oh f**k, there he is. Ahh!"

Jack, 37, also has three children with ex-wife Lisa Stelly, while 39-year-old Kelly and boyfriend Sid Wilson recently celebrated son Sidney's first birthday.