Jack Ryan season 4's release date confirmed with shorter episode count

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john krasinski, jack ryan, season 3
Jack Ryan season 4 release date and episode countJonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

Jack Ryan season 4 details have just dropped, including the premiere date, episode count and release schedule.

The final run of episodes will kick off on June 30, with six episodes compared to the eight episodes that previous seasons had. That's not all that's different this time around, as episodes will now drop two per week, with the grand finale on July 14.

Season 4 sees our hero working as the Acting Deputy Director of the CIA, and delving into the internal corruption that has taken root. But things may go even deeper than he realises, with a conspiracy threatening national security and the combination of a drug cartel and terrorist group just make things even more dramatic.

john krasinski, jack ryan, season 3
Jonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

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Season 3 only dropped in December, making this quite the quick turnaround. There's a reason for that, as John Krasinski previously explained: "We actually shot season three and season four back to back for almost two years straight trying to make this show."

He also teased that "I don't know if this is the last time I'll play this character…", which could potentially tie into the fact that a spin-off series was put into development last year.

The spin-off will focus on Ding Chavez, played by Ant-Man's Michael Peña, who was introduced late in season 3 and will play a big role in season 4.

michael pena
Abraham Caro Marin/AP

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Showrunner Vaun Wilmott teased what fans can expect from the upcoming season: "Without giving you any spoilers, [Jack Ryan] takes a different role in season four that we haven't seen before, [one] that allows us to explore another aspect of [the character]...

"Season 4 is another exciting ride – very international, different characters, new villains, and it allows us to play with Jack, Greer, Mike, and everybody in it, in new exciting ways."

Jack Ryan seasons 1-3 are streaming now on Prime Video.

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