Jacques O'Neill looking for love on Love Island

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Gemma Owen's ex-boyfriend is entering the villa credit:Bang Showbiz
Gemma Owen's ex-boyfriend is entering the villa credit:Bang Showbiz

Gemma Owen's ex-boyfriend has warned he is "not a****" about stepping on anyone's toes in the 'Love Island' villa.

Rugby player Jacques O'Neill is set to enter the villa in scenes airing on Sunday's (12.06.22) show and though the 19-year-old horse rider has recently coupled up with Luca Bish while still being pursued by Davide Sanclimenti, the 23-year-old rugby player suggested the other guys won't stop him if he wants to win back his former flame.

He added: “I do think I’m a catch. We all think we’re a catch, don’t we? I’m loyal, I’m respectful and I’ve got good manners. I’ll look after someone close to me to the full extent I can.”

Jacques suggested his sporting career - which has been blighted by a hamstring injury - had previously got in the way of his relationship but now he is "ready to settle down".

Asked why he was joining the show, he said: “I split up with my ex and then I was seeing someone else.

“I was concentrating so much on my rugby career and then I had that injury.

“I think it needs to be the right person, at the right time. But I was saying to my mum the other day that I want a girl. And I’m now ready to settle down.”

And the sportstman is even thinking about having children.

He said: “I would have a baby in two or three years. I think I’d be good with babies too, they’d be good looking wouldn’t they?”

Jacques insisted he is not a "player" and although he is looking for love, he won't be trying to impress the girls in the villa.

He said: “I am loving and I’ve got loads to give. I don’t message a lot of girls on Instagram – my chat is awful on text. I’d rather meet someone out and vibe with them straight away.

“I do fall pretty quickly though. I literally know if they are going to be my girlfriend within a week.”

“I’m very straight up. I don’t beat around the bush, but am all about good vibes. I always bring the laughs.

“But I wouldn’t go trying to impress people – they like me for who I am, or they don’t. I’m not going to go out of my way to make someone like me. But when I’m with a girl, I do like to make them feel special.”

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