Jade Goody turned Alan Carr into 'fat Calippo' after fake tan mishap

Alan Carr looked like a brightly coloured ice lolly credit:Bang Showbiz
Alan Carr looked like a brightly coloured ice lolly credit:Bang Showbiz

Alan Carr says Jade Goody turned him into a "fat Calippo" after a fake tan mishap.

The 46-year-old comedian has recalled an awkward moment when the late reality TV star - who died from cervical cancer in 2009 - waxed and tanned him while he was hosting the 'Friday Night Project' around 17 years ago and left him looking like a brightly coloured ice lolly.

Speaking on his own 'Life's a Beach' podcast, he said: "She was so sweet. Who didn't love Jade? She was the best.

"We went there for 'Friday Night Project' and she had this salon called Ugly's and she went, 'Alan, let me put some fake tan on... oh it won't come off.'

"Of course eventually it will. I was staying at my mum and dad's and it was like the Shroud of Turin.

"I had yellow t***. I was orange and yellow. I looked a bit like a Calippo - a fat Calippo."

Meanwhile, Alan recently admitted he's been trying to get used to being single again following his split from ex-husband Paul Drayton in January 2022 after so long in a relationship.

He told the 'Organic Meets' podcast: "Boy, being a 45-year old man – I’m 46 now – and coming out on the dating scene, it was like, ‘Oh my God’.

"I didn’t know what to do. I can’t do the apps. I do say to people, ‘Is there anyone?’ ”

Another issue he has found with online dating is the way potential partners can look very different in their social media photos.

He added: "You can’t trust anything now with the Instagram filters.

“I’ve looked at my friend’s profile and everyone’s on a sun lounger with a pina colada.

“We all look nice in the sun. Even I look a bit f****** better in the sun.”