Jaguar driver suffers James Bond fail after swanky motor stuck in mud at Glencoe

A car became wedged in marsh land after driving carelessly.
-Credit: (Image: Glencoe National Nature Reserve NTS (Facebook))

A bungling Jaguar driver suffered a James Bond fail after being rescued from Glen Etive.

The sports car owner, who had parked up on Friday night, was asked to move their vehicle by a Glencoe Nature Reserve Ranger.

The unlucky driver then realised they were stuck in the mud but poor phone signal in the area meant they could not call for help.

They were found wedged in marsh land by rangers the following day.

The Highland location was used as the iconic location in blockbuster Skyfall where "M" played by Judi Dench stops on a journey with James Bond, played by Daniel Craig.

The route is often toured by fans and photography enthusiasts who stop to try and recreate the movie scene.

Glencoe National Nature Reserve NTS shared images of the swanky car on social media as a warning to tourists not to park on soft verges in the glen.

Drivers have been asked to use official parking areas and lay-bys instead.

It is illegal to park vehicles without the landowner's permission.

The NTS said: "The driver of this not-inexpensive vehicle in Glen Etive was happy for us to share this photo to serve as a warning of what happens when you choose to drive off-road, beyond official parking areas or lay-bys!

"Our Ranger Lindsay asked them to move their vehicle when she made her Friday evening tour into Glen Etive.

"On Saturday evening they were still there, well and truly stuck, without any phone signal to call for help.

"Not quite a James Bond - Skyfall moment.

“If you love Glen Etive, please don’t spoil this special landscape.”

They cheekily added: "It is illegal to drive off-road without the landowner's permission. This applies to everyone including Jaguars, Aston Martins and 4x4s with roof-top tents."

It is not the first time a motorist has gotten stuck while illegally parked at Glencoe.

The statement added: “We are often called upon to help vehicles that have got stuck by driving off-road in Glencoe National Nature Reserve.

“As well as spoiling your day, it inevitably leaves ugly, muddy scars, compacts soils, disturbs wildlife and damages vegetation.

“As this is a busy area, the ground rarely gets the chance to recover.”

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