Daughter put rapist dad in jail after recording him saying she was 'best he'd ever had'

An evil dad who abused his daughter for 20 years has been jailed after she recorded him boasting about his crimes.

Raymond Prescott, 54, told his daughter Layla, now 31: “The best sex I have ever had in my life is with you.”

He first attacked Layla when she was just seven years old, saying: “It’s our little secret”.

Layla said her “Jekyl and Hyde” dad would suddenly turn from her “best friend” to a “sexual predator” and would brazenly grope her while screaming: “I’m having sex with my own daughter”.

When she spoke out to police in 2001 she claims relatives called her a “gobby b****” and she withdrew charges.

Raymond first abused Layla when she was just seven-years-old (SWNS)

But after Prescott tried to attack her in December 2012, brave Layla set a trap and secretly recorded her dad confessing to his sickening crimes.

In the chilling clip, landscape gardener Prescott told his disgusted daughter: “I can’t have sex with anyone else and enjoy it, so I want to have sex with you.”

After securing enough evidence, Layla passed it onto police and Prescott, of Clifton, Nottingham, was charged with five counts of rape.

He initially denied the charges but was locked up last May after being convicted at Nottingham Crown Court.

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Waiving her anonymity, mum-of-four Layla, also of Clifton, said: “The very first time he did it I was seven.

“He said he was proud of me for not wetting the bed and told me I was going to get a present. He took me into the bedroom after everyone else had gone to school and laid me down on the floor.

“He ran his hands up me and took my skirt off but I can’t fully recall what happened next. I blocked it out of my head because it happened at such a young age, but I knew it was very bad. It began to happen again after that, but it wasn’t a regular thing.”

Layla added: “Over this time I would let him into mum’s house while everyone was out. I’d make him cups of tea and then he’d turn and abuse me and leave before mum came back.

“I remember he took me into his bed and performed oral sex when I must have been nine or ten. He would tell me it was our little secret and I was his special little girl.”

Layla and her father the day he confessed to the years of rape (SWNS)

Layla started drinking heavily when she was just 14 after her dad groomed her, giving her alcohol from the age of seven.

But her decision to speak to the police in 2001, aged 16, ended badly.

Her boyfriend and auntie were supportive, but her mum “wouldn’t even look at me or speak to me. I think she was more ashamed that she hadn’t known before. She believed me I think, but was in shock.”

And when Layla’s dad denied her claims, she got death threats from his side of the family who called her “a gobby little b****” and “an attention seeker”.

Layla said: “Nine months later he decided to rape me. He did it because he felt he’d got away with it. I was downing bottles of JD, beer, wine, vodka, anything I could get my hands on by this stage to cope.

“As I got older he started to do it regularly around Christmas time. One time he raped me next door to my mum screaming: ‘I’m having sex with my daughter’ – thinking he was funny.

“The last time he tried I was 27. I had gone over to see him with my friend, and he had got so drunk we had to carry him upstairs to his bedroom.

“He called me into the bedroom and said he wanted to talk to me, and then he grabbed my hand and stuck his tongue down my throat. My friend was in the room next door. He tried to make me touch him. I told him to get off and managed to get away.

“I got in the car with my friend and just broke down. She asked what was wrong and I told her everything. She said go back and record him, so I did.”

After first going to the police when she was 16, Layla received death threats from her dad’s side of the family (SWNS)

In the seven-minute secret recording that nailed Prescott, he says: “I have already f****d you. We have had sex. No-one will find out, we’ll keep it a secret. I can’t have sex with anyone else and enjoy it, so I want to have sex with you.

“I know it’s wrong, it’s my daughter – I wish you weren’t my daughter. The best sex I have ever had in my life is with you. I just can’t attach myself to anybody else.”

Layla says: “I think you can attach yourself to mum still.”

Prescott says: “I had this plan. If I got back with mum, I get closer to you. It’s sick, I know it is, it’s sick.”

Layla then leaves Prescott in his bed and walks out of the house, but she did not hand the footage to police until February 2013.

She said: “I kept it to myself, I was drinking heavily. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. When I finally did he was never arrested until his trial on May 18 last year. Even though I had the recording he still made me go through the trial.”

Reacting to Prescott’s 12-year sentence, Layla said: “It’s brilliant that he got 12 years. The judge was disgusted by him.”

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