Jake Jarman wows fans with stunning move in World Championship practice

Jake Jarman wows fans with stunning move in World Championship practice

Jake Jarman broke the gymternet on the opening day of podium training at his first World Championships.

The 20-year-old stuck a stunning triple twisting double layout in floor training to put the world on watch in Liverpool.

On global debut Jarman is among the frontrunners for floor medals and enters as European vault champion. It’s quite a turnaround from last year when he was reserve on Team GB for Tokyo and tore an ankle ligament.

“Missing out on the opportunity to go last year was disappointing,” said Jarman.

“I injured myself and that put me in a good mindset to push towards all the major events we’ve had this year.

“I was only okay to compete on my ankle in March or April this year. Having that time off really helped me make that step to the senior stage.”

Jarman will be a key figure in Britain’s bid to snag their first team medal since 2015.

In August he won Britain’s first European team gold since 2012 alongside Joe Fraser, James Hall, Giarrni Regini-Moran and Courtney Tulloch.

“The world stage is on another level. You’ve got some amazing countries here, like China and Japan, they’re really good competitors.

“It’s been a busy year, a heavy year for us. But here we just want to qualify for the Olympics, so we need to get in the top three.”

Regini-Moran revealed the British team’s source of streaming inspiration.

“We actually watched ‘The Redeem Team’ last night, which is (a film) about USA basketball. That was pretty motivational,” said the Tokyo Olympian.

“They missed out on two Olympics, and came back with a fight. They ended up winning it. It was just inspirational and motivational. It gets you going as a team.

“It doesn’t have to be our country, our sport – there are other sports, other countries out there that can inspire you as well.”

The quintet have muscle memory in delivering on home soil, combining for Commonwealth gold in Birmingham.

Tulloch said: “We learned that under pressure we all come together and we deliver. That gave us a lot of confidence going into the Europeans, and hopefully we can now use that confidence at these championships.

“We all knew at the beginning of the year that this was the biggest event and it would be the hardest, so we know the challenges and what it’s going to take. We’re ready for it.”