Jake Paul in for 'dangerous' night against Mike Tyson as former trainer says ageing star still has KO power

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul
-Credit: (Image: Netflix)

Mike Tyson has been backed to knock Jake Paul out inside the distance in their highly anticipated showdown later this year.

On November 15, the 58-year-old - who was the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world between 1987 and 1990 - is set to make a sensational return to professional boxing for only the second first time since 2005, facing off against the controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul live on Netflix.

The duo have received backlash from fans in boxing circles due to the significant age difference of 30 years between the two fighters. The bout was originally supposed to take place this summer, but had to be postponed after Tyson suffered a medical scare whilst on a flight to Los Angeles. Paul, 27, will warm up for the November showdown with a contest against former mixed-martial-arts fighter Mike Perry later this year.

Despite his advancing years, Teddy Atlas - who once helped train Tyson alongside the legendary Cus D'Amato - reckons the veteran still has serious punching power. He said: "You better be aware, knowing Tyson the way I do, power doesn't disappear when you're old.

"He's still got speed, combinations. He's still got that style that he was taught to make you miss and create openings for that power. He still has that, where he can weave, slip, create the openings to unload a bomb on your chin and get you out of there."

Atlas warned that the fight, scheduled for eight two-minute rounds, could pose a serious threat to Paul unless there's some sort of pre-arranged 'agreement or 'funny business'. He added: "No agreements, no funny business, (this is) a dangerous, risky fight for Paul. I give him credit. Especially early. Tyson's gonna come out there and, if you do have an agreement with him, ha, good luck.

"Because I know Tyson. When that bell rings, he might have a short memory about any agreement other than the agreement to put hands on your chin."