Jake Paul Doubles Down On 'F---ing Absurd' Rules Rumors And Why He Really Wants To Fight Mike Tyson

 Jake Paul wearing a white shirt and touching his face.
Jake Paul wearing a white shirt and touching his face.

Jake Paul was trolling Mike Tyson pretty hard in the days following the announcement of their upcoming fight on Netflix, but it seems the fighter is finally getting real about why he wants to take him on. He's also doubling down on the "absurd" rumors surrounding the bout, and he's so frustrated he dropped an f-bomb while referencing it.

On July 20, those with a Netflix subscription will get to see Jake Paul and Mike Tyson square off in a boxing bout, but not with the special rules circulating in a viral TikTok video. Paul had previously addressed the rumored rules in the video, which alleged that he would be wearing headgear, would be allowed to tag in his brother Logan Paul, and didn't have to do a drug test ahead of the bout, implying he would be using performance-enhancing drugs. On a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, he talked about the ridiculousness of the video yet again:

It’s so sad that like millions of people believe that. It’s fucking absurd. First of all, obviously, none of that’s true. They’re so fucking stupid. Like anyone who believes that shit should not be allowed to vote, like actually. There should be these hidden tests throughout life that should qualify you to be allowed to vote or not… The fact these people are not only driving around on our streets, but like they’re able to vote, bro. They’re dumb as fuck. It’s sad.

It's easy to understand why Jake Paul is so angered by the video because it seems to play into the narrative that he's not a legitimate professional boxer. Paul has faced criticism over the past couple of years for his unique selection of opponents, which included former UFC champions and other professional athletes like Nate Robinson who were much older and didn't have the same amount of boxing training he has. There's even some scrutiny in his bout with Mike Tyson, who is 30 years older than him and hasn't boxed in a professional match since 2005.

That said, Mike Tyson is a combat sports legend for a reason. While some, like UFC's Dana White, don't like him taking the fight, many think he will pull through and knock Jake Paul out. During the podcast, Paul revealed why he's so interested in fighting the legendary boxer, knowing that there's a chance he might end up losing the bout:

I want to see how hard he hits. Mike, I really want to see, bro. Let's see all the legends, the myths, because you're Iron Mike Tyson but I have an iron chin. People know that I take shots. So I think people are underestimating me being able to deal with his power, and that's something that's going to make it interesting.

Jake Paul might have an iron chin, but Mike Tyson's power behind his hits is legendary. Let's not forget that while he hasn't fought professionally in nearly two decades, he did reportedly punch a guy bothering him on a plane a couple of years back.

Despite all the questions surrounding the legitimacy of Jake Paul and Mike Tyson's boxing bout, there does seem to be a lot of interest in the event. Netflix, of course, is livestreaming it, and they've booked out the massive AT&T Stadium for those who want to buy tickets to see them battle in person. Whether professional boxing fans like it or not, this could end up being one of the most-watched battles of the sport on the 2024 TV schedule, and both men deserve some credit for knowing how to capture interest.

Be sure to mark a calendar or set a reminder for Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's fight on Saturday, July 20. More details about the card will likely be announced as the event approaches, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the event and other comments from the fighters.