Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 LIVE! Boxing fight stream, TV channel, latest reaction and undercard results

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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 LIVE! Boxing fight stream, TV channel, latest reaction and undercard results
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  • Jake Paul
    American YouTuber and internet personality
  • Tyron Woodley
    Tyron Woodley
    American mixed martial artist

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 LIVE!

YouTube boxing sensation Jake Paul kept his unbeaten run going as he knocked out UFC legend Tyron Woodley in brutal fashion.

Tommy Fury was the man Paul wanted to see in the other corner tonight but a broken rib and bacterial infection ruled the Brit out a few weeks ago.

Woodley stepped up for a rematch against Paul, having lost the first fight on a split decision earlier in the year.

Paul teased his opponent with a $500,000 reward if he could win by knockout, but there was never really any danger of that in an opening few rounds that saw very few punches thrown from either fighter.

A cut to Paul’s forehead in the third round threatened to turn the fight against him, but he recovered before knocking Woodley out cold in the sixth to bring an immediate end to the bout.

In the first fight of the main card, Liam Paro overcame being knocked down in the first round to beat Yomar Alamo via split decision. The four-round heavyweight exhibition bout between Deron Williams and Frank Gore ended with Williams, the former NBA star, also come out on top by split decision.

Amanda Serrano was in relentless form as she dominated Miriam Gutierrez from start to finish to win via unanimous decision, to set up a huge fight with Katie Taylor in 2022.

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Boxing schedule and results

Jake Paul bt Tyron Woodley (sixth-round stoppage)

Amanda Serrano bt Miriam Gutierrez (unanimous decision)

Deron Williams bt Frank Gore (split decision)

Liam Paro bt Yomar Alamo (split decision)

Chris Avila bt Anthony Taylor (majority decision)

Everything you need to know ahead of the fight

  • Result: Paul lands sixth-round KO

  • What next for Paul?

  • Result: Serrano beats Gutierrez on points

Respect shown

15:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

Paul had some words for Dana White

14:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Logan Paul’s message

14:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

Jake Paul’s message to Tommy Fury

12:27 , George Flood

In case you missed it, Jake Paul’s entrance attire in Tampa last night featured a message to Tommy Fury.

Written on his Union Jack gown were the words: “Hey Tommy, wish you could’ve been here, but watching from a TV is cool too.”

Ouch... I guess?

Could Tommy Fury be up next?

11:28 , Malik Ouzia

Jake Paul refused to commit to facing the man last night’s bout was originally scheduled to be against - and suggested he wants to take a break first.

“I don’t really know what’s next on the roadmap,” Paul said at the post-fight press conference. “I’ve done it all, I’ve accomplished what I want to accomplish.

“I need to take a break, I’ve been going at this non-stop for a year and a half and it’s a lot.

“I’m exhausted, I need to spend time with my family at Christmas and go on a vacation, I haven’t gone on a vacation since I was 18-years-old.

“I told myself ‘not until you feel like you’ve got to a place in life where you deserve a vacation’ and I deserve it now.

“I’m going to go on my first real vacation where there’s no obligations, because I’ve gone on vacations where I have to film it, vlog it, do interviews and wake up at a certain time to work out.”

10:14 , Malik Ouzia

I have a feeling Jake Paul might be getting one of these pictures blown up and put on his wall...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

09:14 , Malik Ouzia

And the man himself hasn’t wasted much time sharing a clip of the knockout. Brutal.

Claressa Shields is not having it...

08:57 , Malik Ouzia

Report as Paul keeps unbeaten run going

07:16 , Matt Verri

Paul knocks Woodley out cold with brutal sixth-round stoppage

Paul fancies a world title shot...

07:09 , Matt Verri

“It’s scary to try and put a cap on where this could go. The potential is unlimited here.

“Maybe when the time is right I’ll go for the world championship belt. It would be funny to become world champion.

“I’d take the belt and throw it on the f****** ground and stomp on it. You’re a champion in your heart before anyone tells you. I am a champion.”

Big claims from Paul...

06:58 , Matt Verri

“No one in the history of boxing has done what I’ve done at this age,” Paul claimed.

“Massive pay-per-views, knocked out every single person that I’ve fought. The only person that’s as active as me and doing as big pay-per-views is Canelo.

“I’ve turned everyone I’ve fought into memes, going viral all over the internet. I’m ready to fight whoever - it doesn’t matter if they’re a professional boxer or a five-time UFC champion.

“I’m built for this.”

Paul on getting cut

06:52 , Matt Verri

“Nothing fazes me. I’ve been through way harder s*** in my life. Way harder s***.

“A little cut is not going to stop me from winning, or put me off my gameplan.

“I actually kind of liked it. I look like a fighter now. I can take a selfie and say I’m a professional boxer now.”

Jake Paul’s reaction

06:48 , Matt Verri

“I got the knockout, a highlight reel knockdown.

“But I was just off. I pulled a muscle again in my arm, in the first round. I had to fight through a lot of tough moments.

“And Tyron’s tough. He caught me with an elbow, I was bleeding into my eye. But I got the job done.”

Woodley up for a trilogy

06:45 , Matt Verri

“I would love to fight him again.

“The first time I felt it was very, very close. He’s got to figure out what he wants to do - if he wants to run it back, I’m always down.

“Me and him could fight ten times. This is a real life Rocky movie.”

Woodley on how the fight played out

06:37 , Matt Verri

“This time I think I was more active. When he threw punches, I countered more. I led the dance a little bit more.

“Sometimes your natural reaction when you get close is to clinch. It ain’t even on purpose. It’s not because we’re not trying to fight.

“There was more clinching than I expected.”

More from Woodley...

06:34 , Matt Verri

“At some point you’re going to have to start putting a little respect on Jake’s name.

“I never disrespected him as a power puncher. That’s something we always knew. That’s why my defence was tight.

“Had he dropped his hands on me, the same s*** would have happened. I can’t cry over spilled milk.”

Tyron Woodley’s reaction to the knockout

06:32 , Matt Verri

“I went back and I looked at it, and I thought ‘why the f*** did I drop my hands’?

“I had both hands up, I knew it was coming. I was ready to block the overhand.

“I don’t know if he delayed it. Even if he didn’t, I don’t know why I dropped my hands.

“In this sport, it only takes one mistake.”

Gutierrez took some serious punishment...

06:22 , Matt Verri

Paul marches on...

06:18 , Matt Verri

06:13 , Matt Verri

Paul’s attention was immediately on Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz after the win.

Could they be potential opponents in 2022?

Brutal image sums it up...

06:02 , Matt Verri

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Jake Paul’s reaction

05:52 , Matt Verri

“This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand. I told you, I was going to f*** him up. AND I F***** HIM UP.

“This guy is a legend and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice. Tommy Fury is a b**** for pulling out of the fight.

“It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done. I was setting the punch up the whole fight. He didn’t see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber.

“It’s got to be the moment of my life. Look at my year. Four fights, four knockouts. Masvidal and Nate Diaz - you are b***** for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Anyone, anytime, any place.”

How it all finished...

05:42 , Matt Verri

05:36 , Matt Verri

So Paul moves to 5-0-0. Four knockouts.

Who knows what comes next for him. Tommy Fury potentially in 2022?

05:32 , Matt Verri

That was a sickening stoppage.

Nearly six rounds of absolutely nothing, and then Paul has produced a right hand from nowhere that has sent Woodley face first to the canvas.

Did not see that coming. At all.

Paul stops Woodley in the sixth round

05:30 , Matt Verri

Woodley throws a couple of jabs to the body, but then it’s straight back to the clinch. Barely been a punch thrown from either of them in the whole fight.

Right hand from Woodley, that’s slightly better. Doesn’t follow it up though.


The punches aren’t though...

05:27 , Matt Verri

Paul vs Woodley Round 5

05:27 , Matt Verri

Both fighters throw a big right hand... both fighters miss a big right hand.

Paul looking quite tired already. He’s stopped throwing the jab, while Woodley is throwing very little of anything.

They clash heads again as they clinch. Crowd not impressed at all, more boos. Referee says “you’re holding way too much”... he’s not wrong.

Paul’s cut has not opened up much, he doesn’t have that to worry about that. Corner have done a good job.

Not sure why Woodley has not targeted that more. Or at all. It was a big chance for him to take control. As it is, it’s another round that could be given to either of them.

Paul vs Woodley Round 4

05:23 , Matt Verri

Corner have done what they can with the cut between rounds, but it starts to open up again as Woodley lands a nice uppercut.

It’s a messy fight, still a lot of clinching. Woodley then pretty much picks up Paul and throws him to the floor. Referee warns him not to do that again.

This has turned into an uncomfortable night for Paul, but Woodley isn’t boxing very well. Not throwing enough, just the one punch and then back to holding.

Another tight round. Very close on the scorecards at the halfway mark.

Paul vs Woodley Round 3

05:19 , Matt Verri

Paul connects with a couple of right hands... and now there’s a clash of heads! Paul has a cut on his forehand and there’s a fair amount of blood coming from it. Referee says it was an accidental elbow.

Woodley’s taking confidence from that, unloading on Paul now! Blood dripping down into Paul’s eyes and he looks really uncomfortable with it.

Uppercut comes in from Paul as Woodley tries to lunge in. The amount of clinching means they keep having their heads very close together, and that cut could become more of a problem.

Blood streaming into Paul’s eye as the third round ends. That has made things very interesting.

Paul vs Woodley Round 2

05:15 , Matt Verri

Much better from Paul. Overhand right catches Woodley, but he takes it pretty well.

And now a nice combination from Paul, certainly his round so far. Woodley responds with a right to the body and left to the hand.

Referee warning both about the amount of holding. Paul throwing a couple of punches and then initiating the clinch. Not a thrilling tactic, but it’s been relatively effective.

Probably Paul’s round, and he finishes it with a couple of wild right hands that miss by a big margin. Woodley needs to improve.

Paul vs Woodley Round 1

05:11 , Matt Verri

Paul quick on his feet in the opening stages, but no real exchanges as of yet.

Plenty of clinching, Woodley happy to grab whenever the pair get close. Woodley tries to establish the jab, but Paul is staying out of range well.

First round done. Not the most entertaining you’ve ever seen, quiet start from both. Crowd already booing the amount of clinching.

Paul vs Woodley

05:07 , Matt Verri

Here. We. Go.

Eight rounds of cruiserweight action. Paul vs Woodley 2.

It’s time!

05:04 , Matt Verri

Plenty of dancing from Paul. He looks nicely relaxed. Woodley has now been standing pretty much still for nearly ten minutes... not the ideal preparation.

Just minutes away from the first round getting underway now.

05:01 , Matt Verri

And still we wait for any sign of Paul.

Woodley just standing patiently in his corner. At last, we will have two fighters in the ring!

Paul walking out to the YCMA. Wearing a big Union Jack shirt on his ring walk.

04:58 , Matt Verri

Already been in the ring for a few minutes, has Woodley, and still no sign of Paul getting his ring walk underway. Happy to keep his opponent waiting.

Woodley looks more relaxed now in the ring than he did on the walk from the changing rooms.

04:56 , Matt Verri

It’s time!

Woodley making his way to the ring. Live performance for his music... Woodley wearing headphones so not sure he’s getting to enjoy it too much.

He looks incredibly pumped up.

04:52 , Matt Verri

Fighters will shortly be starting their ring walks.

Woodley will be the first into the ring. He’s a late replacement for this fight, and will be desperate to take full advantage.

Big incentive for Woodley...

04:48 , Matt Verri

If getting revenge wasn’t motivation enough for Woodley, he has an extra financial incentive.

He’ll get a $500,000 bonus if he can knock Paul out in this fight. If that doesn’t get him coming forward...

Last time out...

04:46 , Matt Verri

Jake Paul took the win via split decision the first time these two fought, back in August.

Woodley caused Paul some problems with the right hand, looked to hurt him at times. But Paul came through it, and he would have taken a lot of confidence from that.

Woodley has promised to be aggressive from the start. We shall see...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Main event time

04:43 , Matt Verri

It’s the main event up next! Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2. The one we’ve been waiting for.

Serrano wins via unanimous decision

04:39 , Matt Verri

99-90. 99-91. 100-90.

All three in favour of the winner... Amando Serrano!

As expected, a really wide UD for the champion. She set the tone in the opening seconds and did not let up.

The mega-fight with Katie Taylor in spring 2022 is on. What a thriller that will be.

04:38 , Matt Verri

Gutierrez continued to throw right until the end of the fight, really brave performance.

She just couldn’t hurt Serrano though, and so the the 33-year-old marched forward at will for ten rounds.

Would be very surprised if these aren’t the widest possible scorecards from the judges.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 10

04:36 , Matt Verri

Here we go then. Tenth and final round. Serrano has won every second of the fight so far.

And she’s straight into the combinations, before a brutal body shot almost lifts Gutierrez off her feet.

Both of Gutierrez’s eyes are really swollen, not sure how she’s even seeing the punches coming her way. Done brilliantly to take Serrano this far.

Final few seconds, Serrano throwing everything she has. Final bell!

Gutierrez has lasted the distance, and she certainly suffered in doing so. Serrano looked absolutely brilliant.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 9

04:32 , Matt Verri

Serrano listening to her corner, barely thrown a punch in the first minute of the round. Gutierrez not throwing much back either, she’s enjoying this brief respite.

So that’s nine rounds done. Serrano used hardly any energy in the ninth... she should be ready for a big finish in the final round.

04:31 , Matt Verri

Gutierrez’s corner tell her that Serrano is “really tired”.

That’s a very optimistic view of events. Serrano’s corner tell her to play with Gutierrez this round, and save the final push for the tenth round.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 8

04:30 , Matt Verri

Serrano wants this over with. Stepping on the gas once again. Gutierrez’s right eye starting to really well... she’s got a ridiculous chin to have held out this long.

Yet another big right hand lands from Serrana, she is not slowing up at all. Continues to land at will, but she can’t quite close it out yet.

Gutierrez’s face looks badly beaten up.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 7

04:27 , Matt Verri

Left hook, right uppercut, more left hands... Gutierrez is increasingly looking in trouble. Blood starting to pour from the Spaniard’s nose.

Serrano can’t miss right now, but Gutierrez is just about throwing enough back so the referee won’t step in yet.

It’s relentless. Huge left hand from Serrano forces her opponent back. And an even bigger right!

Bell goes, Gutierrez has somehow made it through. Serrano is looking imperious.

Serrano is on it...

04:25 , Matt Verri

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 6

04:24 , Matt Verri

Serrano looks completely unconcerned with what Gutierrez is firing back. Has not stopped walking forward.

Continues to unleash the right hands. Combinations being thrown with such pace.

Gutierrez hanging in there, and she certainly looks more secure now than she did in that opening round. But still being outclassed.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 5

04:21 , Matt Verri

Crowd largely subdued, with Serrano in complete control.

Gutierrez lands a couple of decent right hands, full of heart and bravery but struggling to make any impact in the fight.

Serrano steps off the gas a bit in that round, but the quality of her work still very much on display.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 4

04:18 , Matt Verri

Serrano still walking forward without any real concern for what’s coming back at here.

Really good body work, and that will hurt Gutierrez as the fight goes on. Another great combination and Serrano has her opponent back in the corner.

And a huge straight right hand to follow. Serrano dishing out the punishment.

40-36 on the cards in favour of Serrano without a doubt.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 3

04:15 , Matt Verri

Gutierrez’s best round of the fight, though that isn’t saying too much.

It’s pretty uneventful on the whole... Serrano’s pace has dropped a bit after a relentless opening two minutes.

The Spaniard’s corner will be encouraged by what they’ve seen in the last round.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 2

04:11 , Matt Verri

The Spaniard needs to start throwing something, if only to try and stop Serrano from jumping on her again.

Gutierrez the bigger fighter but it’s not helping her one bit. Serrano with a lovely body shot... Gutierrez responds with a left hook but Serrano barely felt it.

Utterly dominant opening two rounds. A boxing clinic so far.

Serrano vs Gutierrez Round 1

04:09 , Matt Verri

Serrano already on the march, just walking Gutierrez down.

IT’S A BRUTAL START! Serrano is just unleashing and Gutierrez is on the corner in the ropes. She is covering up and not throwing anything back. Serrano must have thrown about 30 punches without reply. Stunning from the champion.

Just an incredible volume of punches from Serrano. Didn’t think we were going to see the bell there, but Gutierrez just about makes it.

Serrano vs Gutierrez

04:06 , Matt Verri

Penultimate fight of the night... it’s underway!

04:04 , Matt Verri

Serrano five years younger, at 33. But she’s giving up a couple of inches in both height and reach.

It’s time for the co-main event. 10 rounds of action scheduled.

Katie Taylor will be watching on nervously tonight, hoping that Serrano can get through the test unscathed.

04:02 , Matt Verri

Serrano’s record stands at 41-1-1. The draw came in 2009, the defeat in Sweden back in 2012.

More than nine years undefeated since then. She also looks extremely relaxed during the ring walk.

04:01 , Matt Verri

Gutierrez certainly making the most of her ring walk. Strolling along, dancing and smiling. Fist pumping the crowd.

Her first fight in the US and she looks like she’s going to enjoy it. 14-1-0 her record. That only loss came against Katie Taylor.

“Seven division champion of the world.” There are worse ways to be introduced. Serrano on her way to the ring.

03:57 , Matt Verri

It’s a lightweight bout for Serrano tonight... she’s more than used to moving up and down between the divisions.

She’s been adamant in the build-up that she is fully focused on Gutierrez, and isn’t looking ahead to a bout with Taylor.

Nearly time to see how focused she is...

03:52 , Matt Verri

Big, big night for Serrano - mainly in terms of what comes next for her if she comes out on top against Gutierrez.

A mega-bout with Katie Taylor is waiting in the spring of 2022 if she gets through tonight without any problems.

Taylor fought Gutierrez herself last year, and won via unanimous decision. Can Serrano make a statement and stop the Spaniard?

03:50 , Matt Verri

It’s the penultimate bout of the night up next.

A couple of fighters far more comfortable in the ring than Williams and Gore.

Amanda Serrano, a world champion in seven different weight divisions, up against Miriam Gutierrez.

03:47 , Matt Verri

“I’m going to sit myself down and leave these guys to it. I probably looked terrible in there. I’m one and done.”

Williams has no intention of extending his boxing career beyond tonight!


Williams wins via split decision

03:44 , Matt Verri

38-37 in favour of Williams. 38-37 in favour of Gore.

40-35... Williams wins it! Very harsh scorecard from the final judge, not that it particularly matters.

Williams wins the exhibition via split decision. That takes his record to 1-0-0. I imagine he will retire unbeaten.

03:42 , Matt Verri

Not a clue how this is going to be scored. A draw for their efforts perhaps? We’re waiting for the judges’ verdict.

Williams vs Gore Round 4

03:40 , Matt Verri

Here we go then. Just as well this is only four rounds. They hug before the final round starts... takes a lot of effort from both to separate and start the action again.

Gore solely delivering overhand rights... if one lands it is going to be damaging. They’re both keeping the distance a bit, neither has the energy to push the pace.

One minute to go. Barely a punch being thrown. Tanks less than empty.

And that’s the end of that! That was absolutely bizarre, but strangely entertaining.

Williams vs Gore Round 3

03:36 , Matt Verri

They’re trading bombs. Williams staggers Gore with a monstrous right... Gore decides to meet fire with fire.

Ropes keep Gore up! Count from the referee, former NFL star is struggling big time. Keeps being staggered but somehow still going. He is gasping for breath.

More and more clinching from the two of them. That’s the third round down. Gore does well to see it through.

This final round is going to be chaos.

Williams vs Gore Round 2

03:32 , Matt Verri

This is absolute carnage! Gore decides to return the favour and sends Williams tumbling through the ropes with a shove.

Gore is tiring badly, he looks in real trouble. Swinging for the hills now. Williams sends him over with another push.

Both of them landing huge right hands... either one of them could win this. Would be surprised if this lasted another two rounds!

Williams vs Gore Round 2

03:30 , Matt Verri

Gore struggled to get close enough in the opening three minutes, and when he did the pair just held each other.

Williams is lining up the right hand... you feel it’s going to hurt Gore at some point. Both of them starting to look tired.

GORE CATCHES WILLIAMS! That really staggered him. Jab, jab, right hand... good from Gore. Williams’ legs disappeared for a moment.

What’s happened there?! Williams comes forward, and he’s launched Gore out of the ring with a push. He looks hurt too. Might have hurt his ribs as he was thrown out.

54 seconds left in the second, but doctor is in to check things over.

Williams vs Gore Round 1

03:26 , Matt Verri

This size advantage is crazy in the ring. Williams looks absolutely huge.

Gore landing some nice jabs, Williams using his energy on some big right hands. They both look decent enough in the early stages considering it’s their first time in this setting.

Both very happy to hold whenever they get close. Referee less happy about that.

Williams lands the right hand, and Gore looks shaky as he backs away. Another right hand from Williams... just misses this time. He takes the opening round.

Williams vs Gore

03:23 , Matt Verri

We’re ready to get underway.

Here goes!

Gore is ready...

03:22 , Matt Verri

03:21 , Matt Verri

Gore six inches shorter than Williams, that’s a significant disadvantage to overcome.

It’s nearly time to get this fight underway. Absolutely anything could happen over the next 12 minutes of action.

03:19 , Matt Verri

Gore in the ring first, followed by Williams.

Home favourite Gore certainly has the crowd on his side. Williams has not got a particularly warm welcome... he doesn’t look too worried about that.

No ill-feeling between these two...

03:17 , Matt Verri

Not much to base any predictions off... neither with any boxing experience.

You’d imagine it’s going to be four rounds focused more on power than on any technique. Could be an entertaining watch.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Here’s how they’ve looked in the build-up...

03:14 , Matt Verri

03:13 , Matt Verri

Next up, a four-round heavyweight bout between Devon Williams and Frank Gore.

Williams is best known for his NBA career. He’s also a former amateur wrestler and a part-owner of an MMA gym. Gore is a former NFL running back, who is now entering the boxing ring.

Who knows how this one ends!

Paro wins by split decision

03:05 , Matt Verri

95-94 in favour of Paro. 95-94 in favour of Alamo.

Final judge scores it 96-93... for Paro! The Australian wins via split decision in his first fight outside of his home country.

Alamo has the first defeat of his career.

03:02 , Matt Verri

Not a huge amount of action, particularly in the last few rounds of the fight.

Alamo had some success with the right hand... most notably with the knockdown in the first round.

But it was Paro who forced the pace for much of it and was the busier of the two. That could prove to be decisive on the scorecards.

Paro vs Alamo Round 10

03:01 , Matt Verri

Final round of the fight! Approach of both fighters in the next three minutes will tell us how they think it’s gone so far...

Alamo trying to set up a huge right hand. Paro’s seen it enough this fight to know it’s coming though.

Both landing good shots as we go into the final 90 seconds. Alamo still skipping along the ropes, doesn’t seem to be too keen to force anything.

Barely a punch being thrown... maybe they both think they’ve got it sewn up! And that’s the final bell.

Got to feel that Paro has edged it.

Paro vs Alamo Round 9

02:57 , Matt Verri

Paro moving ahead in this fight. Alamo getting to the stage where he could need a knockdown to get himself back in it on the scorecards.

Australian lands a punch on the back of Alamo’s head as they split... referee warns him he’ll take a point away if he does that again.

Great right hand from Alamo, Paro definitely felt that. Backed him up.

The Puerto Rican’s best round for quite some time. Is it enough to get him back in it though?

Paro vs Alamo Round 8

02:53 , Matt Verri

Into the final three rounds we go. Really difficult one to score... Paro probably just edging it through his workrate.

Alamo keeps moving to his right around the ring, and it’s putting him right in the firing line of Paro’s left hand.

The entirety of the crowd seems to now be facing away from the ring. Looks like there might be another fight going on in the arena.

Back in the ring and it’s another even round, but Paro the busier of the two.

Paro vs Alamo Round 7

02:49 , Matt Verri

Paro drops the left hand, Alamo lands the right hand. The pattern of the opening rounds is returning.

The pair of them are starting to exchange more now, but it’s with single punches rather than any combinations. Not a huge amount of urgency from either of them in the seventh.

Alamo with a good right hook in the closing seconds... that might be enough to take the round.

Paro vs Alamo Round 6

02:46 , Matt Verri

Good one-two from Paro, he’s slowly starting to take control of this fight now. He’s the one forcing the pace, but it’s Alamo who looks to be tiring more.

Jab getting through more and more for the Australian, to the head and to the body. His corner are enjoying that, urging him to keep throwing the jab.

Alamo catches Paro! And he’s hurt! Paro’s legs really shaky... bell comes at a good time. Perhaps lucky to avoid it being called a knockdown, he was very close to going down. Paro dominated all but the last 15 seconds of that round, but Alamo will be buoyed by how that ended.

Paro vs Alamo Round 5

02:41 , Matt Verri

Paro warned a second time after a left hook catches his opponent below the belt. He’s continuing to be the busier fighter, and he’s loading up that left hand at every opportunity.

Alamo throwing far less but it’s often been precise work. That’s much better from Paro, probably his best punch of the bout and it forces his opponent back onto the ropes.

Halfway stage of the fight, and even with that first-round knockdown it’s probably near enough all-square on the scorecards.

That first-round knockdown

02:38 , Matt Verri

Paro vs Alamo Round 4

02:37 , Matt Verri

The right hands from Alamo aren’t hugely powerful shots, but they’re catching Paro and the judges will be appreciating them.

Paro with a couple of good left hands... and another one as Alamo gets his feet tangled momentarily. The Australian has his opponent on the ropes, but Alamo tucks him and manages to see off any potential danger.

Another even round, difficult to score.

Paro vs Alamo Round 3

02:33 , Matt Verri

The Australian continues to throw more punches than his opponent, but you can tell he’s still cautious about the counter from Alamo after that first round.

And that’s why... Paro caught again by the right hand as he comes in. Every time he lunges in, Alamo is catching him. Just sitting back waiting to unleash the counter right hand.

Nice left hand from Paro as he forces Alamo back onto the ropes. But the Puerto Rican had the more precise work in that round again.

Paro vs Alamo Round 2

02:29 , Matt Verri

Paro looking to force the pace at the start of the second, trying to regain control after that knockdown.

Alamo happy to dance around the ring, just trying to stay out of range. Paro having some success with the jab, but nothing to worry Alamo too much.

And now Alamo lets a couple of combinations go, they land nicely. Follow it up with a massive left hook... which misses by about six feet. Relatively even round. Paro the busier, but Alamo had some success too.

Paro vs Alamo Round 1

02:25 , Matt Verri

Alamo taking centre ring in the early stages of the fight, establishing his jab and looking to control the distance against the southpaw.

Both fighters feeling each other out, no real punches in anger thrown as of yet.

PARO DOWN! WOW. Quick right hand from Alamo and he stuns Paro. Flash knockdown, doesn’t look hurt at all. But that’s a stunning start for Alamo.

Australian was winning the round up until that point, but it’s a 10-8 round for Alamo now.

Paro vs Alamo

02:22 , Matt Verri

Here we go then.

Main undercard is underway!

02:18 , Matt Verri

Alamo first into the ring, and he looks full of confidence. Quite a long walk from the changing rooms...

Now Paro’s turn to start the trek, and he has less of an entourage with him. Both fighters had to navigate a steep ramp to start their ring walks... not sure how wise an idea that is.

First up on the main card...

02:14 , Matt Verri

It’s Liam Paro vs Yomar Alamo to get us underway in Florida, in what looks to be an intriguing 10-round super lightweight bout.

Australian Paro boasts a 21-0-0 record, with Puerto Rico’s Alamo 20-0-1. Two unbeaten records... something’s got to give.

Excitement in and out of the ring...

02:08 , Matt Verri

02:02 , Matt Verri

Right then, the televised undercard will soon be getting underway.. settle in for the next few hours!

Liam Paro vs Yomar Alamo, Deron Williams vs Frank Gore, Amanda Serrano vs Miriam Gutierrez... and Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley.

Plenty to look forward to.

Not sure what’s going on here...

01:53 , Matt Verri

01:46 , Matt Verri

Chris Avila has just beaten Anthony Taylor via majority decision. Judges scored it 78-74, 77-75, 76-76 in his favour.

That’s the non-televised undercard finished. We’ll soon be up and running with full coverage of the remaining bouts on the card.

01:41 , Matt Verri

The main undercard is yet to begin, but there has already been action in Florida.

Jeovanny Estela kicked things off with a four-round unanimous decision victory over Chris Rollins, before J’Leon Love beat Marcus Oliveira on points.

The judges scored it 77-75, 79-73, 78-74 in favour of Love.

01:30 , Matt Verri

Less than 30 minutes to go until the main undercard gets underway.

We’ll have full coverage of every fight, building up to the main event - Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2.

The main event could be at some time around 5am GMT... if you’re in the UK, get the kettle on.

No pressure...

01:25 , Matt Verri

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