Jamaica seizes $80m worth of cocaine in one of its biggest drug busts

Jamaican authorities have seized an estimated $80m (£74m) worth of cocaine in one of the country's biggest drug busts.

Officials discovered the shipment hidden inside a cargo ship at the port of Kingston late on Saturday, the Jamaica Constabulary Force said.

Police said a search of the cargo ship that had come from South America yielded more than 1,500kg of cocaine, which had been split into 50 bags containing 1,250 packages.

Jamaica has long been used as a hub by transnational criminal organisations to move weapons and drugs, including sending cocaine to North America and Europe.

Jamaica's Defence Force said it would keep fighting against criminals who seek to "take advantage of Jamaica's geo-strategic significance in world trade by exploiting legitimate cargo".

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Neither the police nor the defence force named the ship found to be carrying the cocaine and no arrests have been made.

In October, global police agency Interpol said Jamaican authorities had made a record bust of 500kg of cocaine,
worth around $20m, slated to be shipped on a private jet to Canada.